The Top Reasons Homeowners in Kansas City, MO, Should Utilize the Services of Professional Carpet Cleaning Firms for the Removal of Bleach Spots

Bleach spots can easily spoil the aesthetic appeal of your carpets. They appear when bleach accidentally drips from a cleaning rag, spray bottle, bucket, or mop cart onto your carpet. In such a situation, it will be important to appoint a professional firm such as ServiceMaster DSI in Kansas City, MO, to take up the task of carpet cleaning so that these spots can be removed properly.

In the following sections, we will look at the important role professionals play in the removal of bleach spots from carpeting.

The Role of Professionals in the Removal of Bleach Spots

Some of the benefits of utilizing the services of a professional firm include:

  • Knowledge of the Proper Techniques: Experienced professionals will use the proper techniques, such as spot dyes, to get rid of bleach spots. Other less effective options, such as carpet patches or complete replacement of the carpet, should be avoided whenever possible.
  • Competency to Trace Problem Zones: Professional carpet cleaners are well aware of the common locations where bleach spots tend to appear, such as office hallways, next to restroom doors, and outside laundry rooms, and as such they are able to quickly trace problem zones to start cleanup work.

Understanding of the Aspects to be Considered

Different aspects will increase the complexity of the task, making it even more important to hand it over to experienced professionals so that everything can be dealt with in the right manner.

Some of the complexities that professionals have to face include:

  • Total Area of Discoloration: The complexity of cleaning carpets increases if bleach spots have resulted in discoloration over a large area.
  • Nature of Discoloration: Additionally, professional carpet cleaning firms need to judge the nature of the discoloration in order to perform cleaning correctly. For example, it takes more effort to get rid of orange discoloration than it does to remove white spots.

Challenges Faced During the Application of Dye

In order to apply carpet in the most appropriate manner, carpet cleaning firms keep note of several important factors:

  • Optimum Temperature: Residential carpet care experts are fully aware of the temperature up to which acid dyes are to be heated. Such optimum heat (around 150 degrees Fahrenheit) ensures appropriate bonding between the acid dyes and the carpet’s fibers.

Such experience is critically important since premature fading will occur if the optimum temperature is not achieved while the dye is heated.

  • Effective Neutralization: Technicians will also take steps to neutralize the bleached area with the aim of diffusing any leftover bleach crystals. They fully understand that if complete neutralization is not carried out, the bleach spots will likely reappear.

Have you noticed bleach spots on your carpeting? Get in touch with ServiceMaster DSI for the proper removal of these spots.

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