Why Experience and Expertise is Invaluable for Water Damage Restoration Task in Prairie Village, KS


If your home in Prairie Village, KS has experienced water damage then it’ll be necessary to hire a competent water damage restoration company (like ServiceMaster DSI) to ensure the task will be completed properly. During cleanup, professionals rely on their experience when selecting the appropriate procedures for your home. They also avoid using techniques that can create more problems.

In a water damage situation, the proper drying of your home will be the main priority for restoration professionals. However, drying can be affected by condensation. Moreover, the drying process can also be affected if an HVAC system is used. In the following sections let us look at both of these issues and how experts solve them.

Solving the Condensation Problem

Experts know that in order to ensure your home dries properly, they must prevent secondary damage from occurring due to condensation.

Let us look at few examples that illustrate how experienced water damage restoration professionals prevent condensation from becoming an issue while drying procedures are carried out.

  • Example #1- Wall Cavities and Condensation: Trained technicians understand that condensation occurs within stud cavities and between the different layers of a material if the surface is heated.

To solve this problem experts add airflow during the drying process to prevent the buildup of condensation.

  • Example #2- Hardwood and Condensation: Experts know that hardwood generally has interstitial cavities that would face secondary damage due to condensation.

Condensation usually occurs if the surface temperature goes under the dew point. To this problem technicians balance airflow and humidity control while applying heat.

Using the HVAC System Correctly

Water damage cleanup experts have the necessary training and experience to judge whether or not the use of an HVAC system will be helpful in the drying process.

Let us look at some of the situations that experts make note of while initiating the drying process:

  • Outside Humidity: An HVAC system can transport humidity indoors and slow down the drying process. Because of this, experts will check outdoor humidity levels.
  • Distribution of Humidity: If there are areas of your home that are unaffected by water damage, the professionals will avoid using the HVAC system since it can distribute humidity to these areas.

As you can see, experience is a valuable asset when it comes to proper water damage restoration in homes.

ServiceMaster DSI is a company with technicians who have the required skills and experience to perform water damage cleanup with utmost dexterity.

To get the ball rolling, call our water damage mitigation customer support number at (816) 527-9412. Our team of experts will come to your home in Prairie Village, KS, to examine the situation and share a plan of action to complete restoration work on your home.

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