Industrial Accidents and Trauma Cleanup and Restoration Services in Kansas City, MO

Industrial worksites can be dangerous areas for the employees who work there every day. Even though safety measures and regulations are in effect in all inspected Kansas City factories, things can still go wrong. Industrial accidents are upsetting, and they can be messy as well. At ServiceMaster DSI, we provide trauma cleanup and restoration services in Kansas City, MO for your comfort and peace of mind.


While industrial accidents don’t always involve human injury or death, when they do, it introduces a range of biohazardous materials into the work environment. We are here to delicately and sensitively handle the situation and restore the workplace to safe conditions for other workers.


In the last few years, a couple of tragic industrial accidents in the Kansas City area. In April 2012, a worker died in an accident at Harland Manufacturing in Kansas City, KS. The worker was killed by falling equipment. Later in July of that year, another worker died and another injured in an industrial accident when a 3-ton crane fell from a suspended beam. The incident occurred at the plastics manufacturing facility Rexam in Excelsior Springs, MO.


In 2013, another accident occurred in Kansas City. A construction worker was killed while working demolitions on an old building. The structure collapsed and was deemed “non-life threatening” until the worker’s body was found 30 minutes later.


These kinds of incidents raise a number of legal safety issues for the companies involved, emotional stress for the friends and family involved, and general distress among workers. We may not be able to fix all the problems that come with industrial accidents, but we can restore the workplace to a safe, biohazard-free environment.


If your facility experiences an industrial accident, contact ServiceMaster DSI today for trauma cleanup and restoration services in Kansas City, MO today.

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