3 Important Steps of Trauma Cleanup in Parkville, MO


If your family has recently gone through a traumatic event, it’ll take a long time to recuperate from its frightening memories. It’ll be necessary to clean up blood and other bodily fluids from your home since they can result in the spread of diseases and infection to people living in the home. Consequently, you’ll have to find a competent trauma cleanup firm, like ServiceMaster DSI, in Parkville, MO that would be able to properly clean and disinfect your home.

We’ll look into details of why it’s important to hire an experienced firm for this task.

Trauma Cleanup Services and the Importance of Experience

Technicians are experienced in selecting the right procedure for performing trauma cleanup properly.

Experts take the following steps to ensure trauma cleaning is carried out according to strict procedural guidelines. These steps are:

Step 1: Set up of the clean up location

Step 2: Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Step 3: Proper cleanup

Let us go through the details of the above three steps in following sections:

Steps in Trauma Scene Cleanup

Step 1- Set Up of the Clean Up Location: First of all, professionals use their experience to designate a section of the house that has not been affected by the incidence.

 This part of the house is then used as the main location for storing cleanup supplies and as a place where professional trauma cleanup experts will wear protective equipment before entering the actual location where clean up is to be performed.

Thus, by utilizing their experience experts are able to judge whether a particular location will be suitable for this purpose.

Step 2- Use of PPE: Technicians are well aware that the chances of spreading infections and diseases are quite high at trauma scenes.

Therefore, they wear proper PPE (such as gowns with fluid resistance, face masks, eye shields, and latex gloves) to protect themselves and to ensure that they themselves don’t spread infections to unaffected parts of the home.

Step 3- Proper Clean Up: This step involves the actual cleanup of the trauma scene. To accomplish this task efficiently, the experts select the right cleaning solutions (such as a bleach solution) and give it the required dwell time to effectively perform the required action.

Finally, the technicians clean the area using paper towels, following the appropriate procedure to ensure safety and proper cleanup.

From the above details, it’s quite clear that without experience it’s not possible to perform trauma cleanup in properly.

ServiceMaster DSI is one of the few companies in Parkville, MO that has vast experience in properly performing trauma cleanup tasks. Our experts understand the mental state family members are in after a traumatic event, so we clean in a very compassionate manner. If you want to get in touch with us, give us a call on our emergency support line at (816) 527-9412.

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