Why Trauma Scene Cleanup Is Important and How Experts Ensure Cleaning Is Performed Correctly in Prairie Village, KS, Homes

A traumatic event can leave everyone involved in a state of shock. For family and friends, the primary focus after such a traumatic event would be to support and console those affected so that they can begin to heal. Since blood and bodily fluids are considered biohazards, the next thing to do is appoint professionals like ServiceMaster DSI for trauma scene cleanup to prevent the risk of infections and diseases spreading inside your home in Prairie Village, KS.

Next, we’ll look at why it’s important for professionals to perform trauma cleaning and the steps involved in the trauma scene cleanup process.


Importance of Proper Trauma Cleaning

Body tissues or fluids, irrespective of their type, are classified as biohazards and require biohazard cleanup as per regulatory guidelines. It’s worth mentioning that when any violent crime occurs or when a person’s body decomposes inside the home, toxic agents start contaminating building materials within the house.

When such a trauma occurs, it’s the responsibility of trauma scene cleanup experts to make sure the house and everything inside the house is cleaned as well as disinfected as required.

Firms providing trauma cleaning services need to thoroughly check every part of your home to be sure that no place is omitted during cleaning.

For example, if trauma cleanup experts are cleaning carpets, it’s their responsibility to check whether blood stains have reached the flooring under the carpet and to clean the flooring if it has.


Process of Professional Trauma Cleanup

  • The first step consists of using paper towels or a similar type of absorbent material to remove gross After that, the dirty paper towels are disposed of through a procedure similar to the one used for disposing of medical waste.
  • If trauma scene cleanup experts find the presence of body fluids but notice that such body fluids have not come in contact with blood, then they dispose of such fluids as normal garbage.
  • The next step consists of cleaning surfaces that have been contaminated with blood. For such trauma cleanup, technicians make use of a bleach solution that has been diluted to the required strength. In addition, experts allow the bleach solution to set as required by the dwell time (of around ten minutes) for it to be effective against the contamination.
  • Even if a surface is not contaminated by blood, experts clean it with the help of commercial-grade disinfectant or germicide to make sure you do not have to worry about biohazards in your home.
  • Bleach solution is also used for decontaminating dustpans and mops that were part of the cleaning process.


To summarize, trauma scene cleanup is a very complex task since biohazards are involved in this type of cleanup.

Technicians at ServiceMaster DSI have vast experience in successfully completing such cleanup work, and they also have the required equipment and cleaning agents to achieve the desired results.


If a traumatic event has occurred in your home, give ServiceMaster DSI a call at (913) 416-5724, and our team will arrive at your home in Prairie Village, KS, ready to clean the space and restore your possessions.

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