Hurricane Harvey: Steps the ServiceMaster Recovery Management Team is Taking to Help Homeowners in Houston, TX, Recover

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc over Houston, TX, dumping rain in excess of 27 trillion gallons, which has resulted in several deaths and injuries. Moreover, widespread flooding has also resulted in significant property damage. According to estimates, around 100,000 houses have been damaged in Texas. Recovering from a disaster like this will take considerable time and effort. This is why ServiceMaster DSI, which is part of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) team, has started restoration and repair work to help people return to their homes as early as possible.

Restoration Services Provided by the ServiceMaster Recovery Management Team

ServiceMaster DSI’s SRM team has geared up for this challenge by providing all services required to expedite the recovery process. These services include:

  • Performing professional water damage restoration
  • Taking up power management and providing generators, light towers, temporary cooling towers, and air conditioning
  • Providing non-potable and potable water
  • Fueling generators
  • Providing temporary housing and beginning site stabilization
  • Restoring electronic equipment
  • Performing document preservation
  • Providing mold removal services
  • Carrying out emergency repair work
  • Providing disinfection and deodorization services
  • Carrying out disaster project management work

Board Up and Pack Out Services

 In addition to the services listed above, the SRM team will begin boarding up homes damaged by the high winds that accompanied the storm.

Our restoration crews will also pack out your valuables and transport them to a secure, climate-controlled warehouse where they’ll be cleaned, restored, and stored until your home is fully restored.

Use of Specialized Equipment

 As soon as the water recedes, the SRM team will utilize a variety of specialized equipment to carry out repair and restoration work. This equipment ranges from commercial grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and specialty washers to get rid of bacteria (a major concern due to the possibility of sewage overflows during the flooding) from clothing, electronic items, and dishware.

Additionally, we’ll also be using advanced equipment such as moisture mapping and thermal imaging to continuously check work progress while drying procedures are carried out.

We understand the gravity of the situation in Houston, TX, at this moment and are prepared to help those who have suffered losses due to this extreme natural calamity.

Our team is equipped with the most advanced cleaning equipment and products for disinfecting your home and belongings. In addition, our technicians understand the risks they’ll have to face while carrying out restoration work, including the structural stability of your home, and will take preventive measures to ensure your safety.

You can get in touch with us on our emergency disaster restoration helpline at (816) 527-9412, and ServiceMaster DSI‘s SRM team will get started on your home’s restoration.

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