How Untreated Smoke Damage Can Destroy Your Kansas City Store or Business

ServiceMaster DSI provides smoke damage restoration for Kansas City businesses.

A fire is certainly harmful for your business, but what happens if things are not properly cleaned out and fixed up afterward? Your building may seem back to normal, but the danger of untreated smoke damage remains long after a fire. If you suspect that smoke is still present in your business after a fire, call ServiceMaster DSI for smoke damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO.


Although the residual smoke may not be visible in your building after a fire, the particles are still there, and they can cause a number of continuing problems with their slowly-but-surely destructive qualities.


Corrosion is a huge factor in smoke damage from remaining ash particles, and this corrosion can range from breaking down paint and wallpaper to eating through electrical wires or pipes. Smoke particles are highly acidic, and if they are allowed to linger in your building, they will start to break down any manner of material, aesthetic or structural.


Etching is a form of corrosion caused by residual smoke. The smoke particles can form invisible scratches in glass or metal surfaces that become visible when dirt or grease gets in these etches. Call us for our smoke damage restoration services as soon as possible to keep the leftover ash particles from leaving unattractive surface scratches.


Discoloration is inevitable if smoke particles are left behind after a fire. The particles in the air are most attracted to vertical surfaces and can leave blotchy brown, black, or dingy yellow stains on your walls or counters. Our smoke damage restoration services include HVAC cleaning to remove the smoke filled dust and particulates out of your building and vents.


Lingering odors are also taken care of with our HVAC cleaning services. When not addressed, residual smoke can leave a burnt and even toxic smell behind. Not only is this unappealing for your customers, it can be dangerous to keep breathing smoke toxin-filled air.


If you have noticed any of these signs of smoke damage, call ServiceMaster DSI in Kansas City, MO immediately to prevent further damage from persisting.

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