How to Prevent Black Mold Growth in Your Kansas City Home or Business


Black mold can grow in the time it takes for a single spore to land on a hospitable surface. A friendly place for mold can be any damp surface from wood to carpet to insulation. Unfortunately, mold has a voracious appetite once it has found food and comes with considerable negative health effects. In the eyes of your family, customers, employees, and the health inspectors, mold poses a serious problem, so ServiceMaster DSI offers extensive black mold remediation in Kansas City, MO, as well as Overland Park and Olathe, KS.


However, black mold is easy to prevent if you keep a sharp eye open and follow these tips:


Repair leaky pipes as soon as possible. Black mold loves the damp. As soon as condensation is introduced to places it shouldn’t be, a perfect environment for mold to grow is created. Check your pipes often to keep track of any leaks that might be forming.


Keep HVAC drip pans clean on a consistent basis. Make sure the vents are also flowing freely with no obstructions. Your business’s vents often collect humidity from the air, which can lead to a happy home for black mold to reside.


Vent kitchens and bathrooms as these are the rooms that can generate the most humidity and warmth. Most restaurant kitchens have industrial vents installed but these should be checked regularly. Buildup in kitchen or bathroom vents are also leading causes of black mold growth.


Clean damp spots within 48 hours of discovery. After 48 hours, mold starts to be introduced to these areas and if you try to clean a damp spot that is, unbeknownst to you, infested with black mold, you could stir up the spores and spread them further.


It’s easy to keep black mold from growing in your home or office building, but it’s also easy to miss the signs of damp accumulating. Once moisture is introduced, mold can quickly become a problem. Follow these tips to keep out black mold, and if it should become a problem, remember that ServiceMaster DSI offers black mold remediation in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas. Our services are available throughout Kansas City and St. Joseph, MO, as well as Overland Park and Olathe, KS, so call us today!

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