How to Choose Stain and Fade Resistant Carpeting in Kansas City

ServiceMaster DSI provides some in-depth carpet buying tips.

Choosing a carpet, while it seems like a simple aesthetic choice, may actually entail more thought and deliberation than we often realize. When we pick a carpet, many of us are guilty of selecting the type based on our gut, but there is really much more to think about with the great variety of manufactured carpet types today. At ServiceMaster DSI we provide extensive carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, MO, but knowing more about carpet types when choosing a carpet for your office will enable you to pick the best fiber type to prevent carpet cleaning disasters.


Although no carpet is completely impervious, there are options that offer high levels of resilience, stain resistance, and style options.


Nylon fibers have been used for carpets since the 1960s. This carpet type is versatile and offers the greatest range of possibilities for carpet styles. The dye fades much more slowly than other kinds of fibers, and the material can be treated to resist most spills and stains. If you want style and durability for your office carpets, nylon is the way to go to get the most out of your carpet cleaning services.


Polyester (PET) fibers are softer than nylon fibers, though just as stain and fade resistant. While older polyester carpets have been disclaimed for their lack of resilience, these weaknesses have been significantly overcome within the last few years of technological carpet-making advances. Polyester may be a good choice because of the tight, low sitting fibers that leave dirt sitting on top to be vacuumed easily or removed during a professional carpet cleaning.


Polypropylene (olefin) fibers are touted for their color resiliency. The fibers aren’t dyed like nylon or polyester, but are instead solution-dyed, meaning the pigment is built into the fiber during manufacturing. The benefit of this is the permanence of the coloring, which will never fade even under the duress of sunlight, bleach, or harsh chemicals. Olefin carpets will remain bright and colorful or white and pristine with minimal surface cleaning.


Our carpet cleaning services in Kansas City, MO will be available for any of your needs, but these carpet types will help you maintain your office floors for the long term. When the stains and soil get to be too much, or your carpet needs restored after fire or water damage, just call ServiceMaster DSI for carpet cleaning in Kansas City, MO that will leave your office feeling fresh again.

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