How Temporary Power Services Protect Kansas City Businesses from Blackout Side Effects


Whether from thunder or snow, none of us can predict power outages, but at ServiceMaster DSI we can help you keep your business from falling victim to the potential side effects of blackouts. Our temporary power services in Kansas City are on call 24/7 to aid your business during a power outage to prevent further damage from flooding or fires and to protect your inventory.


Your company building was meant to continually circulate electricity, so when the power goes out, there are some dangerous consequences for the building, especially if other damage is perpetuated before or during the outage.


Freezing pipes: In the winter, power outages are much more dreaded. They leave you in a freezing building without light or warmth, but what’s happening below your feet? If your business is left without heat in below-freezing temperatures, the building’s pipes are susceptible to the cold. Frozen pipes lead to burst pipes and eventual water damage. If your business loses power this winter, you should quickly take action to employ a source of temporary power and prevent further damage.


Electrical surges: When electricity is cut off from your business, the circuits go dead but should readily refill with current when the power returns, right? Well, electricity is typically controlled when restored, but there are times when the re-established flow surges and sends too high of a voltage into your electrical system. Overloading the circuits of your building can lead to fires, blown fuses, and smoldering wires. Our temporary power services will keep your electrical flow normal to prevent damage to your building’s electrical system.


Our cleanup services: If your business loses power when damage has occurred, or if the breakers have been compromised and the system shut off for safety, if can be impossible for us to complete the disaster restoration job you called us for. Situations like this are when we most often provide temporary power to a building until the full power has been safely restored. Even in times of darkness, we can get the job done.


Power outages are more than an inconvenience. They can put your business in number of dangerous situations. Call for our temporary power services right now!

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