Top Health and Safety Risks of Hoarding and Where to get Hoarding Cleanup Help in Olathe, KS

Oftentimes, hoarding becomes a serious issue for the hoarder as well as for others living in the home or nearby. Hoarding results in a variety of health and safety risks, necessitating professional hoarding cleanup from an experienced company like ServiceMaster DSI. We’re here to help residents of Olathe, KS with compassionate and thorough hoarding cleanup so your home can be made safe.

Today we’ll examine the top three risks that result from hoarding behaviors and the difference between hoarding and collecting.

Let’s start by exploring risks that result from hoarding.

Environmental/Structural Risks

  • Clutter often results in structural damage of the hoarder’s house
  • Because the focus is on hoarding, home maintenance and cleaning aren’t a priority
  • Electrical and gas appliances deteriorate and become unsafe to use
  • Incidences such as burst pipes result in flooding
  • Oftentimes there is no water and other utilities are also in poor condition

Safety Risks

  • Severe hoarding can result in fire hazards that make it easy for a fire to begin or difficult to escape in the event of one
  • Hoarding also creates sanitation and health problems. Moreover, illnesses increase or worsen due to the presence of pests, mildew, poor ventilation, toxic fumes, dust, etc.
  • There may be rotten food within the home, encouraging pest problems
  • Hoarding cleanup professionals can also expect to find blocked windows/doors, rotting building structures, and unstable debris that can result in injuries to people staying in the house

Social and Emotional Risks

  • Social isolation
  • A likely eviction
  • Hoarder faces anxiety or extreme paranoia
  • Relationships suffer as family and friends feel resentment, shame, frustration, and/or fear

Do hoarding and collecting mean the same thing?

No, there is quite a difference between hoarding and collecting.

Collecting: A hobby wherein people accumulate things of their interest. This includes organizing, storing, cataloging, and maintaining the collection. Collections don’t impede on the safety of the home. Collectors experience little to no anxiety at the prospect of selling or removing parts of their collection.

Hoarding: The accumulation of things that have no or very little value. The hoarder is unable to part with anything and the idea of doing so causes significant anxiety. This hoarding behavior is commonly called Disposophobia.

If you or someone in your family is struggling with a hoarding disorder, contact the experts at ServiceMaster DSI for compassionate hoarding cleanup. We’ll work with the hoarder and their support network, health professionals, and/or social worker to ensure the process is as easy on the hoarder as possible.

For hoarding cleanup in Olathe, KS, contact us at (816) 527-9412 today!


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