The Complex Task of Hoarding Cleanup in Leawood, KS, and the Role of Cleanup Professionals

If someone in your family is suffering from a hoarding disorder and their Leawood, KS, home has become a health and safety risk, you may need professional hoarding cleanup help from ServiceMaster DSI. By hiring professionals, you can be sure that the home will be cleaned thoroughly and any safety risks will be treated.

In this blog we’ll talk about the advantages of hiring a professional hoarding cleanup team.

Cleanup Professionals – The Right People to Handle the Delicate Task of Hoarder Cleanup

Complete Understanding of Hoarding Behavior

Our hoarder house cleanup professionals understand that hoarding is a legitimate disorder, which is also called compulsive hoarding.

People suffering from this disorder find it hard to let go of ordinary items, such as newspapers or clothes. The idea of parting with any of their belongings can cause extreme stress in someone suffering from a hoarding disorder. Our technicians perform cleanup with compassion and sensitivity to avoid causing additional anxiety for the hoarder.

Competency to Follow the Proper Cleanup Procedures

 We will ensure that there is a written contract in place before hoarding cleanup work is started so that any valuables can be safeguarded during cleanup process.

This contract will clearly mention the steps that will be taken if any valuables such as jewelry, stock certificates, money, collectibles, and bonds are found at the time of cleanup.

Hoarding Creates Safety and Prevents Structural, Social, and Fire-Related Risks

Ability to Coordinate With Other Groups

At the time of cleanup, our experts will coordinate with other groups, such as home care groups, legal groups, and nursing agencies to figure out the level of cleanliness to be achieved. Our professionals will also work with the hoarder’s mental health professional to ensure that things are being removed and cleaned in a way that makes the hoarder comfortable.

Through collaboration, our cleanup professionals will be able to work according to local living standards and prevent eviction or condemnation of the home by the authorities.

Is Squalor Hoarding? No, Squalor is Degradation or Filthiness Due to Neglect

Required Experience in Cleaning Homes With Hoarding Problems

Our cleanup professionals have the expertise to evaluate any hazards present in the house so that the necessary steps can be taken to prevent a disaster. For example, the hoarding of combustible materials such as magazines, receipts, or newspapers will result in fire hazards.

In addition to potential fire hazards, hoarding can cause exits to be obstructed, making it difficult to escape or for first responders to enter the home in the event of a disaster.

While examining the home, our technicians will evaluate these issues and take the necessary steps to remove hazards and perform any structural repairs.

Looking for a hoarding cleanup service provider in Leawood, KS? Contact ServiceMaster DSI. Our experts can perform such cleanup while keeping in mind the delicate nature of this task and make sure that the house becomes livable again. All you have to do is give us a call on our customer support number at (816) 527-9412.