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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Kansas City, MO

Also Providing Estate Cleaning for Nearby Homes

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a sensitive and often emotional issue that involves the need to remove materials and belongings, while not irrevocably disrupting the customers and their family members. ServiceMaster DSI offers careful and thorough house cleaning services for those requiring hoarding cleanup in Kansas City, MO. We strive to make the environment safe and comfortable for all. Our specially trained staff is qualified to do the job professionally and appropriately. Because hoarders struggle with hoarding disorder, the issue is not as simple as removing things from the home. Hoarding cleanup requires sensitivity and a partnership with the hoarder to ensure they remain in control and comfortable during the process. We work with the customer’s support network, including case workers, nurses, mental health professionals, and others.

ServiceMaster DSI offers the following hoarding cleanup services:

  • Complete removal of unwanted items from residence
  • Tagging of items to be saved
  • Moving and storing items, such as major appliances and furniture
  • Full cleaning of residence, including bathrooms and kitchens

Let ServiceMaster DSI handle your hoarding cleanup and restoration needs with professionalism and compassion.

Estate Cleaning

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is emotionally devastating and having to handle all of the arrangements only adds to your stress. From decisions about the funeral to fulfilling your loved one’s last requests, you have plenty on your plate. Our compassionate professionals are here to help alleviate some of your stress by providing expert estate cleaning services.

Estate cleaning often gets complicated, especially when a homeowner has accumulated a lot of items over the years. Combing through belongings, evaluating their value, and deciding what needs to be donated or thrown out can become a monumental task. We can go through all of their belongings, determine value, and organize things. We’ll also clean their home so it’s ready for resale.

You’ve got enough on your mind; let us help you when you need us most. Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI at 800-954-9444 for professional hoarding cleanup and estate cleaning.


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How ServiceMaster Experts Tackle the Challenges of Hoarding Cleanup