Hoarding Cleanup and Why Calling a Professional Firm in Overland Park, KS, for the Task is the Right Thing to Do

Hoarding is a serious issue that results in the deterioration of living conditions in Overland Park, KS, homes. In the following sections, we’ll examine why calling ServiceMaster DSI for professional hoarding cleanup is the right thing to do in this kind of situation.


Why is Professional Expertise a Must in Hoarding Cleanup?

It’s estimated that about forty percent of all hoarders tend to hoard animals. Also, almost eight percent of hoarders who hoard animals have dead, dying, or diseased animals in their homes.

Such conditions increase the severity of the problem that hoarding cleanup experts have to face since the cleanup of animal waste, such as urine and fecal matter, is similar to the risk technicians have to face when they perform cleanup of infected blood. This makes it necessary for technicians to have the required training and equipment for handling biohazardous materials.

ServiceMaster DSI, hoarder house cleanup experts, understand the risks that exist when they carry out cleanup at homes with piles of newspapers, memorabilia, clothes, and boxes. They know they’ll have to face exposure in the form of hypodermic needles, animal or human waste, black mold, broken glass, and other harmful materials.

As such, our technicians utilize the right methods and appropriate personal protective equipment to protect themselves from these risks.


Proper Sanitization of the Property

When performing hoarder house cleanup, ServiceMaster DSI’s certified technicians focus on the removal of contaminated objects and sanitization of the property. A few of the tasks they perform to achieve this goal include:

  • Hoarding cleanup professionals discard porous things such as towels, carpets, and other similar materials.
  • Often, fecal matter and urine build up over several months or years in a hoarder’s house. Gradually, it seeps through carpets and tiles onto sub-flooring. Technicians are fully aware of this fact, so they perform removal and cleanup in sub-flooring as well.
  • ServiceMaster DSI hoarding cleanup experts use cleaning processes that are particularly useful against pathogens and bacteria present in fecal matter and blood. Additionally, they use their experience to dilute cleaning agents correctly, so they provide the desired results.
  • Finally, they correctly dispose of biohazardous materials to prevent the risk of spills while such materials are handled or transported.


Knowledge of Psychology That Works Behind Hoarding

Our ServiceMaster DSI experts also have the necessary training and experience to understand the psychology that works behind hoarding. This way it becomes easier for hoarding cleanup technicians to properly coordinate with the hoarder, work with compassion, and achieve desired results.


Cleaning up a hoarder house is a very complex task wherein technicians have to work with sympathy and manage any risk that may arise because of hoarding behavior. ServiceMaster DSI is the right firm for hoarding cleanup because our experts have the necessary training, experience, equipment, and cleaning products to achieve the desired results. Get in touch with us at (913) 262-1384 and our team will handle any hoarder house cleanup in Overland Park, KS.


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