How ServiceMaster Experts Tackle the Challenges of Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding is a concerning issue as it often results in various problems including fire hazards, biohazards, and many others. If someone in your family is suffering from this problem, contact ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO. We offer complete and thorough hoarding cleanup services to ensure the required steps are taken to rectify the situation.


Here, we’ll examine a few details about hoarding and the steps our technicians take to perform the cleanup in the right manner.


Initial Contact


In remediation and restoration projects, the initial contact is usually made by the homeowner. In most hoarding cleanup situations, however, it’s often someone other than the hoarder who reaches out for information and cleanup services. These people could be the hoarder’s relatives, a care provider, or close friends who are looking for professional assistance to clean up the hoarder’s house.


If the situation has deteriorated significantly, law enforcement or housing authorities will also be involved in the hoarding cleanup process.


Various Aspects of the Cleanup Process


Proper Documentation


Hoarder house cleanup technicians know that during cleanup it will be important to keep documentation of all the details. For example, hoarding cleanup experts complete the required release forms related to delicate items and collectibles. They also prepare the itemized sheets that are signed by the cleanup firm and the homeowner.


Technicians cleaning up a hoarder house also maintain a detailed photo inventory and documentation. They understand that the hoarder may well have forget about the many things he or she has accumulated over the years.


Animal Hoarding


Animal hoarding is another issue that hoarding cleanup technicians face. This type of hoarding generally creates unhealthy living conditions inside the house, both for the homeowner and those visiting the hoarder’s house.


Animal hoarding increases the levels of ammonia within the house, released due to decomposition of animal waste and urine deposits. In addition, there can be disease-carrying insects flying around in the house.


Hoarding cleanup technicians develop a cleaning strategy by considering the health concerns they are likely to encounter in a hoarder’s house. Experts utilize their knowledge of biohazards to perform cleanup properly and to make sure the house becomes livable.


Handle Psychological Aspects


In addition to taking care of required hoarder house clean up tasks, hoarding cleanup technicians have to manage psychological issues as well. For instance, the main concern for hoarders is the loss of valuable things they have. By involving the hoarder in the cleanup process, our experts are able to better manage the situation.


Hoarding cleanup is a complicated undertaking since there are different tasks that are to be managed to conduct cleanup in the right manner. The experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the required expertise and training to manage these tasks properly. All you will have to do is contact us at (816) 527-9412. Our experts will visit the hoarder’s house in Parkville, MO, and develop a plan to conduct the cleanup in the best and most caring manner possible.

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