Hoarder Cleanup in Parkville, MO and an Insight into Strategies Professionals Should Utilize During the Cleanup Process

Hoarder cleanup can be a challenging task requiring cleanup professionals to utilize various strategies and persuasive techniques to complete the task in a successful manner. In the following sections we will at look at different levels of hoarder cleanup in Parkville, MO into which hoarding behavior is divided, followed by details of some of the strategies and techniques cleanup professionals should utilize.

Five Levels of Hoarding

Hoarding is divided into five levels on the basis of the severity of hoarding behavior:

Low: The environment within the house is considered to be standard

Guarded: The house requires professional organization

Elevated: This level is considered a pivot point that differentiates a house considered to be cluttered and another one which displays a complex hoarding environment

High: This requires several entities to collaborate in the cleanup process, ranging from cleanup professionals to social workers and mental health professionals

Severe: Similar to level 4, collaborative team needs to ascertain the situation and work accordingly

Strategies and Techniques for Hoarder Cleanup

Professionals performing hoarder cleanup need to be creative and able to negotiate in the right manner. For instance, if a decision is to be made about keeping or throwing out any particular magazines, the cleanup professionals should be creative and allow the person to keep last year’s copies of the magazine while discarding the previous 30 year’s worth.

Another strategy involves taking photographs of some of the belongings. This will help the hoarder part with them while at the same time preserve their memories.

Control Pace of Cleanup

Cleanup tasks should be started at a slow pace and conducted for only short periods of time. Some hoarders experience great difficulty tolerating even short intervals of cleanup activity in the early stage of the process. To help the hoarder, cleanup professionals will have to gradually increase the pace of the work according to the particular situation.

Pay Attention to Creation of a Backup Plan

It is better to have someone present during the cleanup who knows the client. Oftentimes, cleanup can become quite overwhelming for hoarders who are suffering from a severe hoarding problem. In addition, there should be a proper backup plan in case the hoarder reacts negatively to the cleanup procedures.

Importance of Communication

It is extremely important to establish and maintain proper communication between the hoarder and the cleaning professionals so the person can clearly communicate their concerns. The correct level of communication will ensure the hoarder is able to adequately explain their needs and feel they have some amount of control over whatever is happening in their home.

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