Hazards at Crime Scenes and Why Trauma Cleanup Services in Kansas City, MO are Important

Crimes can be messy ordeals, especially when they involve homicides, suicides, or domestic violence. However, other forms of crime scenes can be just as messy and dangerous if there are hazardous materials or physical hazards present. At ServiceMaster DSI, we provide professional trauma cleanup services in Kansas City, MO to protect our customers from dealing with dangerous crime scene situations.


CSI and forensic analysis TV shows often portray bloody crime scenes with bodies and broken glass. While these kinds of scenes do exist, there are plenty of types of crimes that leave behind other hazardous materials.


Chemical hazards are most common in drug lab cleanups and cleanup sites of illegal manufacturing. A variety of substances can be found at these crime scenes including acids, phosphorous, amphetamines, ammonia, and a range of carcinogens.


Chemicals like pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers are some of the hazards found at illegal agriculture and farming operations or if the scene of the crime is in the vicinity of farmland.


Physical hazards present at a crime scene cleanup can also pose dangers to those involved in the cleanup process. Unstable structures are often locations for illegal operations, especially condemned buildings that aren’t subjected to regular city inspections. Temperature extremes can provide physical hazards to those cleaning up a crime scene as well, increasing the potential of hyperthermia, heat stroke, dehydration, frost bite, or hypothermia.


Crime scenes also have the potential of a presence of bio-hazards. Blood, flesh, and human waste are considered hazardous as they increase the exposure of the cleaners to bacteria and viruses these materials carry. Parasites and flesh-eating insects can carry diseases too and affect the health of those cleaning up bio-hazardous materials.


Crimes are socially disturbing events, but they also introduce dangerous materials and situations to the surrounding area. Our technicians at ServiceMaster DSI are professionally trained and equipped to handle materials present at crime scenes. Contact us today for trauma cleanup up services in Kansas City, MO.

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