Flood Cleanup for Homes and Businesses Near the Missouri River

ServiceMaster DSI provides water damage restoration in Kansas City and nearby areas.

The Missouri River runs through Kansas City, posing a great potential for flooding in this major Missouri commercial hub. With the changes during the transition to a new season, the increased precipitation can greatly affect the river levels, which in turn can lead to more incidences of flooding. Your place of business may be in danger of flood damage during these early winter months, but here at ServiceMaster DSI, we are prepared to help with your flood cleanup needs in Kansas City, MO.


An overflow in the Missouri River can lead to costly damage to your company’s building even if there is only a small amount of water present from the flooding. Learn the signs of flood damage to know when flood cleanup will save your business.


Consistent high humidity inside your business is often a giveaway that there is water present somewhere in the building. If water is pooling under your floors, it will evaporate slowly into your building’s structure. This can lead to wood rot, mold growth, and other structural damage. It can also create an unpleasant environment for your employees and customers.


Inexplicable water pooling on floors, dripping from ceilings, and running down walls are signs there could be flood damage in your building. Even stains from water puddles that have evaporated can be a warning signal. Pooling of water can be the cause of more damage if prompt flood cleanup isn’t taken.


Blown fuses or dead circuits are possible symptoms of damaged wiring caused by flooding. Even the smallest amount of water getting into places it shouldn’t could damage your breakers and corrode the insulation on electrical wires. Damaged electrical systems are dangerous for you and your customers and increase the risk of devastating fires.


Our flood cleanup services can determine the cause of the water damage, extract the water causing the harm, and check all electrical systems in your business to ensure safety and function. If you suspect flooding in your building during these winter months, call us for flood cleanup in Kansas City, MO.

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