Fire Restoration in Olathe, KS and Role Played by Smoke Alarms in Preventing Fires

Raging fires can be quite destructive and result in significant loss of property. In such a scenario your first priority should be to contact a firm providing fire restoration in Olathe, KS so further damage to property can be prevented. To detect a fire and alert the residents of the home as early as possible, install smoke alarms as a precautionary step to prevent avertable damage, injury, or loss of life.

In the following sections we will take a look at how important it is to have functioning smoke alarms, and how to properly install as well as maintain these devices.

Fires and Role of Smoke Alarms

Properly installing and maintaining a smoke alarm is the best possible solution to be alerted 24/7 in case a deadly fire starts in your house, and can significantly increase the chances of survival.

Installation and Proper Maintenance of Smoke Alarms

The following information will help you when it comes to properly installing and maintaining a smoke alarm:

  • You should install dual smoke alarms that have photoelectric and ionization sensors.
  • Test batteries on a monthly basis and replace them every year. Yearly replacement is not required if you utilize a ten year lithium battery.
  • You should install alarms on every floor as well as in the basement. Ideally, these smoke alarms should be installed outside and inside sleeping areas.
  • Do not disable a smoke alarm if excessive smoke is created while you are cooking. Instead, open the windows, utilize the hush button function, and take whatever measures are required to ventilate smoke from the vicinity of the alarm.

 Smoke Alarms for People with Functional or Access Needs

  • If people with functional or access needs are not able to inspect smoke alarms themselves, caregivers should do the checking on their behalf.
  • In case of visually impaired people, the audible alarm should be such that it pauses for some time after every alarm cycle. This feature can help visually impaired people listen to what others are saying or to instructions that are being provided.
  • Similarly, for hearing impaired people, there should be smoke alarms which utilize a strobe light or a vibrating pad so that people with such an impairment are able to easily understand that the alarm has been activated.
  • It is also a good idea to set up smoke alarms that can trigger a strobe light on the outside of the home in order to alert your neighbors. More advanced smoke alarms can also make emergency calls to ask for help.

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