Fire Restoration and Critical Remediation Tasks Performed by Professional Restorers in Kansas City, MO

Undergoing the agony of a destructive fire can be a traumatic experience. You may have to handle many tasks ranging from taking care of insurance obligations to arranging temporary accommodations. During this time you should hire a professional fire restoration firm in Kansas City, MO to take charge of the urgent remediation work while you are engaged in managing other tasks.

In the next few sections we will go through some of the critical remediation tasks that are performed by restoration firms right after they arrive at your home.

Handling of Hazardous Materials

After a fire, there are specific procedures which are to be followed for handling hazardous materials present in the house such, as:

Charcoal: After charcoal briquettes are damp, they tend to ignite spontaneously. Restoration firms either dispose of them or store them in noncombustible and covered containers, safely away from any other combustible materials.

Asbestos: Asbestos dust is a hazard which can result in serious health risks when not handled in a proper way. Restorers make use of specific methods while cleaning up or disposing of this type of material.

Canned Foods

Restoration firms will generally dispose of all canned foods if the can has been rusted, dented, or has bulged. Otherwise, the exterior of the can will be disinfected by washing it in a solution consisting of water and household bleach.

Glass Jars Containing Food

If a glass jar has been exposed to heat and has cracked or is not sealed anymore, the restorers will generally dispose of the jar due to the possibility of contamination.

Linoleum Floors

If water seeps under a linoleum floor and stays trapped, the wood beneath the linoleum will start to crack, odors will develop, and the trapped moisture will facilitate mold growth. The value of hiring an experienced restoration company becomes important here since they are aware of the correct techniques for lifting or removing linoleum from your floor so that it can be dried properly.

As you can see, things do not end just with dousing the fire. Fire leaves behind a home which is completely wrecked where most of the things are either destroyed or on the verge of getting destroyed.

In a situation like this you need to contact us immediately to start fire restoration work at your home so we can salvage things from getting damaged due to water and soot residue.

At ServiceMaster DSI we have the necessary experience and expertise to handle fire damage of any scale. Our restorers in Kansas City, MO have the required training and qualifications to use proven techniques to salvage your belongings from further damage due to water and soot residue. Just call us on our 24 hour emergency number: 800-954-9444. We will immediately send our technicians to analyze the situation and begin restoration tasks.

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