Fire Damage Restoration in Parkville, MO, and Tips on How Homeowners Can Prevent Fires by Using Fire Resistant Roofing Material

Wildfires cause great destruction and can result in significant loss of property and valuables. Even after the flames are abated, further damage can occur from soot residues, smoke odor, and water damage. ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO, can prevent this by performing quick and thorough fire damage restoration in your home.

We hope you never have to call us to perform fire damage restoration on your home, so we’ll be talking about how you can protect your home from wildfires. Specifically, how replacing your roofing materials can go a long way to protecting your home and family.

Role Played by Roofing Material in Preventing Fires

Wood Shakes | Asphalt Shingles – Less Fire Resistance

Roofing materials such as wood shakes and asphalt shingles tend to have less resistance to fire in comparison to other roofing materials.

Oftentimes, wildfires spread to homes when burning leaves, branches, and other debris are buoyed upwards by heated air, carried away by winds, and eventually land on roofs.

If there are asphalt or wood shingles on your roof, they will easily catch fire. To avoid this type of risk you should replace such roofing with some material which has better fire resistance.

Fire Resistant Roofing Material

Some fire resistant materials you can use to replace your existing roof covering include:

  • Terra cotta (clay) tiles
  • Slate tiles
  • Other varieties of tiles
  • Metal roofing (with a standing seam)

Replacement of Roofing Material – Points to Keep Note of

Expenditure | Frame’s Strength | Snow Loads

Expenditure and Added Protection: Metal, tile, and slate roofing tend to be costlier alternatives to asphalt or wood tiles. However, the extra expenditure pales in comparison to the financial loss of losing your home to a wildfire.

Strength of Roof’s Framing: Tiles and slate are generally a lot heavier compared to wood or asphalt shingles. When considering any of these roof coverings, make sure you consult a roofing contractor. They will be able to determine whether the roof’s framing has the strength to support the heavier coverings.

Snow Accumulation: If your area is prone to heavy snowfall, metal roofing with a standing seam is your best option. This type of covering can shed snow more effectively than the other types of materials.

Even with preparation and prevention, it’s possible for your Parkville, Mo, home to sustain damage from a wildfire. In which case, you can trust the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

We have extensive knowledge on how to restore property and valuables that have experienced fire damage, along with specialized equipment to perform thorough restoration.

Contact us at our 24-hour emergency number, (800) 954-9444, and our experienced technicians will visit your home, examine the damage, and develop a strategy to restore your home.

2 thoughts on “Fire Damage Restoration in Parkville, MO, and Tips on How Homeowners Can Prevent Fires by Using Fire Resistant Roofing Material

  1. I am glad that is is possible to bring a home back from a fire. I would love to be able to see at what point is too late for a home that has been burnt down. I am impressed that there are so many materials that can be protected like tile and other pieces in the home.

  2. My cousin’s house caught on fire and she needs some help. Thanks for the advice about how you can get fire-resistant roofing material. Another thing to consider would be to get a fire restoration company to help fix the damage.

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