The Challenges of Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Damage Cleanup Performed by Restoration Firms in Kansas City, MO

Fire causes a lot of destruction that results in personal injury and significant loss of property. In such a situation, everyone in the house is in a state of trauma and your main priority should be caring for your family members. After the fire is doused, you will also have to hire an experienced firm (such as ServiceMaster DSI) for fire damage restoration, as any delays will increase the amount of property damage you will have to face.

Upon arrival at your home in Kansas City, MO, fire damage mitigation firms will face several challenges during the cleanup of fire damage. Our aim today will be to look into some of the main challenges that restoration professionals face and what steps they need to take for proper fire damage clean up and smoke damage restoration.


Challenge: Identifying the Nature of the Fire

Fire damage remediation firms need to ascertain what type of fire they’re dealing with before work can be started. For example, after a high oxygen fire, there will be dry smoke residue, which will be easier to clean than a low oxygen fire that results in a smoky, wet residue.

Moreover, if water was used to douse the fire, it will increase the humidity levels in the home, which will open the pores in any wooden surface and allow for a higher absorption of smoke.

Experienced restoration professionals will be able to understand these issues and take the necessary steps for smoke damage cleanup in your home.


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Challenge: Performing Proper Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire damage remediation experts need to act quickly to perform clean up procedures in the right manner to achieve the best results. If cleanup is not done properly, unpleasant odors will remain in the house.

Some of the tasks that technicians will perform for odor removal include:


  • Removing the Odor’s Source: Any items damaged by the fire will be taken off-site to be properly cleaned, which helps mitigate a major portion of the smoke odor from your home.
  • Cleaning Properly: After everything has been removed to an off-site location, the home will be cleaned properly using an ozone treatment, thermal foggers, and hydroxyl generators to achieve the best results.
  • Sealing all Surfaces: After the cleaning is finished, all surfaces (such as framing) will be sealed.


If your home was engulfed by fire and you are searching for a fire damage restoration firm, you need to get in touch with ServiceMaster DSI at (800) 954-9444.

Our technicians have the required experience and the necessary cleaning equipment and products to perform fire damage remediation in the best possible manner.

Just give us a call on our fire damage mitigation helpline and our experts will reach your home in Kansas City, MO, to analyze the situation and start restoration work.

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