Avoiding Fire Damage Repair Mistakes in Prairie Village, KS

Fire leaves behind a trail of destruction, and after the fire is extinguished, the next challenge is to clean the remaining residue and get rid of smoke odors. In this situation, you should hire an experienced firm like ServiceMaster DSI for fire damage repair work so that the right steps are taken to expedite the cleaning process.

Our aim here is to explore how experts utilize different methods for odor removal from your home in Prairie Village, KS.


Experts Avoid Using the Wrong Methods

Fire damage repair experts avoid the use of methods that could result in unplanned side effects. For instance, they understand that an ozone machine used for eliminating odors and for reducing VOCs is a strong oxidizer. Such an oxidization property results in damage to different materials such as paint and rubber.

Instead, fire damage repair experts utilize better alternatives such as hydroxyl radical systems that provide desired results without causing any side effects.


Experts Utilize Their Experience to Take the Right Steps

Odor mitigation technicians utilize their experience to make the best use of hydroxyl generators. A few of the steps they take include:


  1. Deciding how many hydroxyl generators to use. Fire damage repair experts utilize their training and knowledge to decide about the number of generators that are to be used in a room of a particular size. Apart from size, other factors they consider include the layout of the room, the intensity of odors in the room, and the items present in the room.

For instance, they know that if a room is 1,000-1,500 square feet and has a ceiling of 10-15 feet, then a single hydroxyl generator will be able to perform deodorization of moderate to severe smoke odors in that room.


  1. Removing the source of odors. Although hydroxyl generators are able to remove odors from your home’s possessions, removing the source of the odors provides the best results.

For example, if there is charred wood, then it is better to remove and replace it to achieve the desired results.


  1. Consider multiple aspects. When using hydroxyl generators, smoke damage removal technicians consider multiple aspects to perform odor mitigation correctly.
  • Presence of Content: Fire damage repair experts check the type of content present in your home, and if there is a large inventory, then they utilize more generators for complete removal of odors
  • Severity of Odors: If technicians find that there are light odors, then they run the hydroxyl generators for a shorter time period. Similarly, they use a single generator for covering a larger area if there are only light odors in a room
  • Time for Completion of Project: If the work is to be completed within a few days, then fire damage cleanup technicians reduce coverage area for each of the hydroxyl generators so that higher concentration can be achieved, and results can be achieved in less time


If your Prairie Village, KS, home has been engulfed by a fire and you are looking for a professional firm to carry out fire damage repair work at your home, then give ServiceMaster DSI a call at (816) 527-9412.

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