Top Reasons Why Hiring Experts for Fire Damage Restoration in Olathe, KS is the Right Decision for Homeowners


A fire can cause a lot of damage to your home. Even after the fire is doused, the smoke odors left behind will continue to remind you of the destruction the fire caused in your home. In these situations, you should hire a professional fire damage restoration team, like ServiceMaster DSI, to carry out proper restoration and complete odor removal from your home in Olathe, KS.

In the following sections we will look at how experts utilize their experience and technical expertise to ensure smoke odors are completely removed from your home.

Proper Application of Deodorizing Solution

Fire damage restoration experts fully understand that while spraying the deodorizing solution, it’s necessary to avoid heavy saturation of the solution. There are two reasons for this:

  • Heavy saturation can damage furnishing
  • It’s proven to be less effective in comparison to repetitive lighter applications

Professionals are also well aware that deodorization can be effective only when a greater amount of contact occurs between the deodorizing solution and the smoke particles. This is why they ensure that lighter applications of the deodorizing solution are applied repetitively.

The Value of Eliminating Air Currents

Experts ensure that deodorizing spray is uniformly distributed in a room to achieve the best results. To achieve this goal they close off all windows, doors, and air vents to eliminate all possible air currents.

The Importance of Reaching Every Crevice

Odor mitigation professionals understand that the deodorizing spray droplets need to be small enough to reach every crevice of a surface. Additionally, they know that the smaller the droplets, the more surface area can be covered.

Using this knowledge, professionals select specific devices for cold fogging that’ll be able to break deodorizing solution to create finest possible mist.

The Significance of Dislodging Smoke Particles

Experienced odor removal technicians know that after completing the first spray, it’ll be necessary to expose other smoke particles that are generating odor.

They accomplish this goal by dislodging the top layer of the odor generating smoke particles by using a portable blower. In addition this, upholstered fabrics, carpet pile, and drapes are properly agitated for dislodging smoke particles.

After dislodging the first layer of smoke particles, a second spray is performed to achieve the best results.

Based on the above-mentioned details it’s quite clear that you need to hire experts for fire damage restoration to achieve the best results.

ServiceMaster DSI is a company you can rely on. Our technicians have several years of experience and are equipped with right cleaning solutions and equipment to carry out restoration and smoke damage cleanup in the most appropriate manner.

Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412. Our team of highly trained technicians will come out to your home in Olathe, KS, examine your situation, and start restoration work on your home immediately.

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