Fire Damage Cleanup in Overland Park, KS, and Use of Advanced Techniques for Soot Removal

Fire causes a lot of damage and destruction whether it occurs in a home or commercial establishment in Overland Park, KS. If you want to reduce further damage caused by soot, then get in touch with a professional fire damage cleanup firm like ServiceMaster DSI that has the knowledge and expertise to utilize the right cleaning methods and deliver the desired results.


Let’s examine the technique of dry ice blasting for proper soot removal after a fire.


How is dry ice blasting used in fire damage remediation?

Fire damage cleanup experts use dry ice blasting since it provides effective results during the cleanup process. In this environment friendly cleaning technique, dry ice is blasted at high speeds to create mini explosions on an object’s surface for the removal of soot damage.


Because dry ice blasting uses carbon dioxide instead of more damaging chemicals or abrasives, this technique is considered one of the safest for soot removal.


Due to its versatility, dry ice blasting has turned into a better option than other techniques in which hard abrasives are used. Dry ice blasting proves to be effective when soot gets deposited over different items.


Why do fire damage restoration experts prefer to use dry ice blasting?

In assisting with fire damage cleanup, the dry ice blasting technique uses a pressurized gun to shoot small CO2 pellets at a high velocity. These pellets are comparatively softer than other substances that are utilized for media blasting such as plastic or sand.


Even when the CO2 pellets are shot and then impact objects at high speeds, they do not damage the object’s surface. Moreover, when CO2 pellets hit an object, they undergo a transformation and change from their solid state to a gaseous state.


As such, dry ice blasting is considered by fire damage cleanup technicians as a very non-abrasive technique that proves to be helpful in fire damage restoration process.


What are the benefits of dry ice blasting?


One good advantage of dry ice blasting is that this process does not require solvents for cleaning and is a nontoxic procedure that is family-safe and environment friendly. It’s a versatile and precise cleaning technique that, for instance, can easily dust out smoke damage from a piece of glass without damaging the glass in any way.


Dry ice blasting proves to be beneficial in industrial setting as well since this type of cleaning can be performed on location, requires minimal disassembly, and helps in reducing downtime. This procedure helps in the removal of toxic residues and also the different fumes left behind by fire on production and industrial equipment.


In addition, it’s a quicker method compared to other techniques and results in faster completion of fire damage repair work when complex surfaces are to be cleaned without causing any damage to the finish.


From the preceding information, it’s clear that dry ice blasting is a procedure that provides positive results in fire damage cleanup work. Experts at ServiceMaster DSI are fully aware of the benefits of this procedure and utilize it as part of their soot removal procedure.


If your home or commercial establishment in Overland Park, KS, has been damaged in a fire, then give us a call at (816) 527-9412, and we’ll arrive ready to start restoration work!

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