Why You Need to Hire Experts for Hoarder House Cleanup in Prairie Village, KS

Hoarding is a problem that creates an unhealthy living environment in a hoarder’s house and also results in the development of safety hazards. If your Prairie Village, KS, home, or that of your loved one, has become a hoarding situation, it’s time to contact ServiceMaster DSI for hoarder house cleanup.


Today we’ll explore how our hoarding cleanup professionals utilize their expertise to perform effective service.


Detecting Hazards

After reaching a hoarder’s home, our experts will determine if there are any hazards lurking in the house. Some common hazards they face during hoarder house cleanup include:

  • Safety hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Tripping hazards
  • Violation of sanitary codes
  • Health hazards


Managing the Complexities of Hoarding Cleanup

Cleaning up a hoarder house can be very complex. If items are removed from the house without gaining the hoarder’s approval, it can greatly increase the level of anxiety for the hoarder, making the whole process more difficult.

Additionally, the hoarder could potentially begin to accumulate more possessions after the first cleanup attempt.

To avoid this, our experts will assess the situation and then create a strategy as well as a timeline to perform the hoarder house cleanup in the right manner. The hoarder will be included in all the planning to ensure they are comfortable.


We’re Well Equipped to Handle Different Challenges

Our hoarding cleanup technicians have the experience and training to manage the challenges they may face during this type of cleanup:


  • Prevent Fires: After reaching the hoarder’s house, the first thing we do is examine the home to identify any fire hazards. For instance, if our technicians find that newspapers are stacked on a stove, they will immediately remove them to minimize the risk of starting a fire.


  • Create Solutions: Oftentimes, hoarders have very unrealistic demands, and our experts know how to tactfully manage such situations. They also have the experience to offer alternative options that hoarders will most likely agree to. In addition, our cleanup professionals pay attention to the requests a hoarder makes and do their best to accommodate those requests. For instance, if a hoarder asks that a particular item be sent to one of their relatives, the technicians will make the necessary arrangements.


Hoarder house cleanup is a complex task where special expertise is required, and cleanup technicians need to work in a very compassionate manner.


The experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the required training and experience in hoarding cleanup tasks and the competency to handle such complex situations.


If you feel a loved one in Prairie Village, KS may need help with hoarder cleanup, just give us a call at (816) 527-9412. Our experts will work closely with you and the hoarder to thoroughly clean the hoarder’s house with the utmost in compassion and efficiency.

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