Benefits of Expert Hoarding Cleanup in Olathe, KS

Hoarding occurs when a person starts accumulating needless things on a continual basis. They find it difficult, if not impossible to part with anything, including inherently worthless items. Over time, this accumulation creates unsafe and unhealthy conditions within the home. When a hoarding situation becomes too large for one person to tackle, it’s time to contact the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for hoarding cleanup in Olathe, KS. With our professional, compassionate approach, we’ll ensure the home is safe and livable again for the resident.


Our experienced technicians are aware of the sensitive nature of this type of cleaning and perform hoarding cleanup in a way that’s beneficial to the hoarder.

Hoarding is a complex disorder, and improper cleanup can exacerbate the situation. Here, we’ll take a closer look at hoarding and how an experienced hoarding cleanup firm can help.


Why Do People Hoard?

Hoarding behavior is attributed to a disorder known as compulsive hoarding. Individuals can suffer different levels of hoarding ranging from severe to high, elevated, guarded, and low.

When someone is suffering from this disorder, they can’t part with things that others may consider as trash. As time passes, the accumulation of items becomes out of control and results in serious clutter. This clutter makes it difficult for people living in the house to perform their day-to-day activities and can even pose serious health and safety hazards.


Role of Hoarding Cleanup Experts

Hoarding cleanup professionals understand how difficult it is for a hoarder to part with their belongings.

This is where our training and experience becomes valuable and helps us to constructively interact with the hoarder, understand their mental state, and carry out effective cleaning. If they’re not comfortable, a hoarder may completely shut down a cleaning project. We ensure the hoarder is involved and feels comfortable while we perform cleanup.


Positive Interaction

Our experts also utilize their communication skills to help the hoarder understand that cleanup will be the right step for them and their family.

In addition, our technicians also use their skills to convince the hoarder about the removal of unnecessary things from their home.


Gain Confidence

Hoarding cleanup technicians also try to gain a hoarder’s confidence so the person agrees to the removal of things.

For instance, technicians may take photos of belongings before they are thrown out to make the hoarder feel their memories are now preserved, helping them experience less anxiety and agitation about things being removed from their home.

Experts also control the speed of cleanup work so hoarders can get used to it. Technicians know that if everything happens too suddenly the hoarder may react negatively to it.


Hoarding cleanup is complex and requires a compassionate approach. The technicians at ServiceMaster DSI of Olathe, KS utilize their experience and skills to perform effective hoarding cleanup that makes the hoarder feel comfortable. If anyone in your family is suffering from a hoarding disorder, give us a call at (816) 527-9412 or fill out a service request form today to schedule your cleanup.

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