Performing Effective Smoke Odor Removal with Ozone Treatment in Parkville, MO

Even small fires can result in a lot of smoke and smoke odors, which if left untreated, can persist through your Parkville, MO, home for years. If your home has been affected by a fire, big or small, it’s time to contact the smoke odor removal professionals at ServiceMaster DSI. We restore homes after fire damage and remove any trace of smoke odors, so you can quickly reclaim your home.


Today, we’ll take a look at how our technicians perform smoke odor removal using ozone treatment!


Smoke Odor Removal

Experienced fire damage cleanup professionals often use ozone treatment for complete smoke odor removal. Let’s review the details.


The Importance of Ozone Treatment

Our technicians utilize ozone treatment for smoke odor removal because ozone is capable of modifying the structure of smoke odors at a molecular level, leading to the compete removal of smoke odors from your home.


Another benefit of using ozone is that it degrades quickly and doesn’t leave behind any residues, which leaves your home odorless and free of mess.



The Use of Different Ozone Generators

When you partner with the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI, you have access to our expertise, training, and specialized equipment, all of which ensure that your home is restored and odor free after a fire.


For example, we utilize different ozone generators, depending on the individual scenario, to remove smoke odors from homes. Some of the types of ozone generators we use are:

  • Ultraviolet Ozone Generators: These are best to use in the case of small fires because even small fires can leave behind persistent smoke odors that shouldn’t be written off.


  • Corona Discharge Ozone Generators: In the case of large fires, we use corona discharge ozone generators because they offer a stronger output to tackle serious, wide-spread smoke odors.


The Implementation of the Most Effective Smoke Odor Removal Strategies

Smoke odor removal takes more than specialized generators; it takes training and experience that allow us to execute the best strategies for thoroughly removing smoke odors from your home.

  • Vacate the Damaged Area: We make sure that the area where smoke odor removal will be performed is empty with no animal or human presence. This is not only to keep others safe, but also to prevent further damage through tampering.
  • Remove Indoor Plants and Cover Aquariums: To combat strong odors, we’ll have to use higher ozone levels. This also means we’ll have to remove any indoor plants or aquariums to protect them.


Whether your Parkville, MO, home was affected by a small kitchen fire or a house wide blaze, count on the fire damage restoration and smoke odor removal professionals at ServiceMaster DSI to restore your home to its pre-loss condition.


We understand disaster doesn’t strike on your schedule. That’s why we’re available 24/7/365 to respond quickly. For immediate assistance, contact us at (816) 527-9412!



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