How Our Professionals Perform Effective Biohazard Cleanup in Overland Park, KS Homes

Biohazard cleanup is entirely different from other types of cleanup. Because of the risk involved with biohazard cleanup, only highly trained and experienced professionals should be appointed. Biohazardous materials can result in the spread of infectious diseases and a variety of health problems. That’s why the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI undergo rigorous training and follow strict regulations to ensure biohazard cleanup is performed properly in Overland Park, KS.

Choosing the Right Disinfectants

Biohazardous materials can’t be treated with household cleaners. Our technicians are trained in the proper use of industrial grade cleaners and disinfectants. Different products are used for different scenarios. To choose the most effective disinfectants, we consider:

  • The type of surface that needs to be cleaned
  • The location that requires cleanup
  • The nature of the soiling

By using the appropriate disinfectants, we can ensure the materials are properly cleaned and prevent them from spreading.

Different types of disinfectants that we use include:

  • EPA registered tuberculocidal disinfectants
  • Bleach solution (diluted)
  • Disinfectants having EPA registration and considered to be effective against diseases such as HIV and HBV
  • FDA approved sterilants and disinfectants

Disposal of Regulated Waste

Biohazard cleanup doesn’t end when the space is cleaned. Properly disposing of the waste is just as important as the cleanup itself. Biohazardous materials are considered regulated waste.

Regulated waste includes:

  • Blood and other potentially infectious materials
  • Items contaminated with blood or other potentially infectious materials and are likely to release contamination when compressed
  • Sharps that have been contaminated

Disposing of Regulated Waste

Experts ensure that the right containers are used for the disposal of these wastes. They ensure that:

  • The container can be closed properly to prevent spillage or any type of protrusion
  • The container should prevent leakage during transportation, handling, shipment, or storage
  • Containers are labeled or color coded per regulatory norms

The task is not completed one the biohazards are in containers; the technicians must also dispose of the waste according to prevalent regulatory norms.

Biohazard cleanup is complicated, requiring our professionals to be trained and experienced. We follow the state’s regulatory guidelines to ensure that cleanup is performed effectively and safely. If your home or workplace requires biohazard cleanup, trust the experts at ServiceMaster DSI. For immediate assistance, call us at (816) 527-9412.

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