How ServiceMaster Recovery Management Handles Disaster Restoration at Scale

Natural disasters often result in significant damage and destruction to homes in Kansas City, MO. In such situations, the ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) team at ServiceMaster DSI takes aggressive steps to bring back normalcy. In the following sections we’ll explore some of the repair and restoration services our SRM team provides when any natural disaster strikes.


Disaster Restoration Services

In the case of natural disasters such as storms, our SRM team at ServiceMaster DSI takes several initiatives to help citizens and to speed up the recovery and restoration process. A few of the disaster restoration steps our team takes includes:


  • Manage power requirement by setting up generators, temporary air conditioning and cooling towers, and light towers
  • Carry out repair of electronic equipment
  • Take care of the important task of document preservation
  • Perform debris cleanup
  • Provide water damage restoration services
  • Perform the complex task of site stabilization
  • Undertake mold removal and perform emergency repairs
  • Take care of the task of deodorization and disinfection
  • Perform other disaster management tasks


Pack Out and Board Up Services

Apart from providing the above-mentioned services, our SRM team carries out board up services to protect homes that have been damaged during storms.


Additionally, our restoration experts sort out valuable items, pack them properly, and send them to our warehouse that is fully secured and protected. At the warehouse our expert Technicians clean these valuable items and store them until the restoration work at your home is completed.


Construction Services

Natural disasters leave a trail of destruction, making it necessary for our disaster restoration experts to carry out different construction services.


These services include necessary demolition and cleanup work, set up of roofing, resolution of problems in HVAC systems and plumbing, and interior/exterior renovation consisting of painting, carpentry, etc.


Utilization of Special Equipment

After the storm waters recede, our SRM experts start disaster restoration work by utilizing specialized equipment. Such equipment includes air movers, dehumidifiers, and commercial grade washers.


Use of professional grade equipment not only helps in cleaning up the location but also completely eradicates bacteria and viruses from your clothing, dishware, and other items.


Our technicians also use equipment like thermal imaging and moisture mapping to monitor work progress at the time structural elements and your belongings are being dried.


To summarize, natural disasters bring along many complexities, and to solve them, disaster restoration technicians need to have special expertise.


With many years of experience, the SRM team at ServiceMaster DSI can resolve any complex situation they face.


When disaster strikes and your property requires expert disaster restoration, contact us immediately at (816) 527-9412. Our trained and experienced team will quickly respond to your location in Kansas City, MO, to evaluate the condition and start the recovery process.

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