The Different Risk Factors Associated With Hoarding That Necessitate Urgent Hoarder Cleanup in Kansas City, MO

Hoarding can be a serious problem not only for the hoarder, but also for the other people living in the neighborhood. There are different types of risks associated with hoarding, ranging from safety risks to structural hazards to social jeopardies. As such, it’s imperative to hire a professional firm for hoarder cleanup in Kansas City, MO, as soon as the hoarding problem is identified so that it can be fixed before it worsens.

Today we will examine:

  • Some of the risk factors that make it necessary to start hoarder cleanup on an urgent basis
  • How to understand whether collecting and hoarding are same

Risk Factors Associated With Hoarding

In this section we will cover three different kinds of risk factors posed by hoarding disorder:

  • Structural and environmental
  • Emotional and social
  • Health and safety

Structural and Environmental Risk Factors

  • Lack of proper house maintenance
  • Structural damage to the home due to clutter
  • Unsafe maintenance of gas and electrical appliances
  • No running water and problems with other utilities
  • Burst pipes resulting in flooding and other problems

Emotional and Social Risk Factors

  • Likelihood of eviction
  • Negative emotional effect on family members (feelings of shame, fear, frustration, and resentment)
  • Social isolation
  • Extreme paranoia or anxiety for the hoarder

Health and Safety Risk Factors

  • Excessive hoarding causing fires
  • Health issues such as respiratory problems, asthma, chronic headaches, or allergies resulting from dust, toxic fumes, mildew, rodents or bugs, mold, or poor ventilation
  • Rotten or expired food inside the house and potential blocked access to the kitchen
  • Risk of injury for people living in the house from blocked doors and windows, unstable debris, and rotting or damaged building structure

Are Collecting and Hoarding the Same?

Collecting and hoarding are entirely different things. Let’s look at the main differences:

Collecting is a hobby where a person intentionally seeks, locates, acquires, organizes, catalogs, displays, stores, and maintains things in which he or she has an interest.

Hoarding is the collection of items that have very little or no value at all. With hoarding, the person is unable to dispose of the things they have collected. This type of behavior is also known as disposophobia.

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