Is Detergent Residue Soiling Your Carpets? How Experts in Prairie Village, KS, Remove Detergent During Carpet Cleaning


There are a lot of contributors to soiled carpets such as pets, high foot traffic, and spills. But one you probably didn’t think of is detergent residue. The experienced carpet cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are familiar with detergent residue and will perform a test in your Prairie Village, KS, home to detect if excessive detergent residues are present in your carpet.

Why it’s important to remove detergent residue:

The detection and removal of detergent residues from carpet is necessary because the presence of residues can:

  • Result in accelerated soiling
  • Result in the accumulation of more soil
  • Result in damage to your carpeting

Challenges experts face when removing detergent residue:

Professional carpet cleaners understand that the methods they use are dependent on the type of detergent residue present in the carpet.

To determine the detergent type, our experts examine the residue and then plan which carpet cleaning method they will use. There are two types of residue which residential carpet care experts are likely to encounter:

  • Wax-Like Substance: Often, a soft or hard wax-like substance forms when detergent dries. If it remains soft, it will result in a greater amount of soiling, which will be difficult to get rid of.
  • Harder Residues: If the detergent dries to form a harder residue, it will chip off and experts will be able to easily remove the residues by using a vacuum.

Proper Removal of Detergent Residues

Our carpet cleaning experts understand that in order to get rid of detergent residues they’ll have to use water heated to optimum temperature (water that is heated to a temperature of approximately 175°F) to achieve desired results.

They’re also fully aware that using hot water should be accompanied by adequate mechanical action followed by the immediate extraction of water.

Moreover, experts repeat the same process over and over again until the detergent residue is completely removed.

As we can see, cleaning detergent residues from carpets is a rather complex task and cannot be performed without the proper knowledge of all the relevant details.

Carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster DSI have the necessary training, experience, and cleaning equipment to carry out this task in the most professional manner. Just contact us at (816) 527-9412 and we’ll dispatch a team of professional carpet cleaners to your Prairie Village, KS, home to examine and clean your carpets.

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