The Dangers of Using Excess Water in Residential Carpet Cleaning in Kansas City, MO

A natural disaster, such as a flood or storm, can leave your carpets severely damaged. If your carpets have sustained serious damage, contact the experts at ServiceMaster DSI for residential carpet cleaning in Kansas City, MO.

Today, we’ll tackle a common carpet cleaning myth and examine how our experts perform proper residential carpet cleaning.

How Using Too Much Water Can Hurt Your Carpets

It’s a common misconception that using excess water will help loosen dirt from the fibers with during. However, our experts know that the opposite is true, and they actually need to use less water for effective carpet cleaning.

Using too much water can result in issues such as:

  • Wicking that results from the upward movement of soil and moisture from the fibers of carpet at the time of drying
  • Damage to adhesives and the fibers of the carpet
  • Harm to the air quality within your home

Carpets With Permeable Backing

Professional carpet cleaners understand that when carpets with permeable backing are cleaned using excess water, it results in the transfer of moisture onto the sub-floor, causing other problems, including:

  • Excess moisture buildup, leading to mold growth
  • Soils and minerals which permanently stain the carpet

Our experienced residential carpet cleaning experts also know that certain types of carpet are more vulnerable to excess water. For example, using too much water will cause cut pile carpets to trap moisture and soils.

To prevent these issues, we use a limited amount of moisture while performing residential carpet cleaning. This not only prevents damage but also allows the carpets to dry out more quickly.

The dedicated team at ServiceMaster DSI will ensure that your carpets are properly cleaned and restored after a disaster. We utilize commercial grade equipment and are trained in the best carpet cleaning techniques, so your carpets look as good as new. For immediate residential carpet cleaning assistance in Kansas City, MO, contact us at (816) 527-9412.



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