Dangers of Flood Debris Without Water Damage Restoration Services in Kansas City, MO

Overflow from the Missouri River and the Kansas River can contribute to serious floods in the Kansas City area, especially with the predicted increase in precipitation over the next month. Flood waters can infiltrate every corner of a building’s basement and lower levels, resulting in a range of water damages and sanitation disasters. At ServiceMaster DSI, we offer emergency water damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO for cases of flooding and moisture damage.


Excessive water alone can inflict considerable damage on a building’s structure, electrical systems, and interiors, but the debris carried in those waters can introduce a new set of problems to a home or business.


Soil debris: Flood waters carry huge volumes of natural sediment and rubble that can be left in a building after a flooding event. Small soil particles of dirt can be vacuumed or swept up, but heavier particles like sand and rocks can be more difficult to remove after flood waters dry. Most particles, especially clay, carry organic materials. If kept moist, the cracks where soil debris from flood waters permeated can become a happy environment for mold growth.


Building debris: When flood waters pass through a building, it knocks most things in its path out of place. Building debris from floods often contains dangerous materials like broken glass, crushed fluorescent bulbs, paint chips, caulking, cleaning products, oil, insulation, fiberglass, and more. Flood waters can catch most building waste materials and spread them throughout your home or business.


Biohazardous waste: Bio-waste debris is, unfortunately, one of the most common flood water contaminants. This includes human waste, fertilizer, manure runoff, road kill, and everything found in and around sewage systems. Most of this debris is water soluble and the particles can carry harmful bacteria like E. coli, Giardia, and Shigella.


There is no such thing as a clean, natural flood, and the debris carried in flood waters can introduce dangerous contaminants and filthy particulates. If you have experienced a flood in your home or business, contact ServiceMaster DSI today for water damage restoration services in Kansas City, MO for salvage and cleanup.

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