Dangerous Chemicals Left Without Fire Damage Repair In Kansas City, MO

Fire can be the most dangerous disaster that can occur in a home or business. Even after the deadly flames are extinguished and the firefighters are gone, there are hazards left behind without proper restoration treatment. At ServiceMaster DSI, we provide comprehensive services for fire damage repair in Kansas City, MO.

Among the damaged building structure, furniture, and other belongings a fire leaves behind, there lurks a host of chemicals that will leave your indoor environment polluted and potentially toxic. These are substances including, but not limited to:

  • Soot – One of the most inevitable toxins left behind after a fire, soot is a carcinogen composed mainly of impure carbon particles. Depending on the materials burned, soot can also contain a cocktail of other chemicals. For example, soot from burned wood contains carbon monoxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, VOCs, formaldehyde, benzene, acetic acid, formic acid, toluene, and sometimes heavy metals.
  • Toxic gases – When synthetic materials like plastics and polyester fabrics burn, they release toxic gases usually identifiable by their acrid, noxious odors. Gaseous pollutants can also come from foods, construction materials, cleaning products, oils, and fuel.
  • Asbestos – Though asbestos isn’t used in insulation production anymore, there are still many buildings with asbestos insulation on HVAC systems, pipelines, and electrical systems. Asbestos removal is dangerous and requires specific processes and procedures to ensure safe and efficient handling of this known carcinogenic substance.
  • PCBs – Polychlorinated biphenyls are organic synthetic compounds found in dielectric and coolant fluids. In everyday applications, PCBs are used as plasticizers in paints and cements, additives in electrical wire coating, wood finishes, flame retardants, caulking, adhesives, lubricating oils, de-dusting solutions, and beyond. The EPA classifies PCBs as carcinogens, and they have been known to cause liver damage, ocular lesions, alter menstrual cycles, and lower the immune system. When PCBs burn, they can spread more readily and lead to greater risk of health complications related to PCB toxicity.

Our expert technicians provide complete fire damage repair in Kansas City, MO, and we can remediate these toxins as part of the restoration process. For our help with post-fire rehabilitation, contact us at ServiceMaster DSI.

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