How Experts Manage the Complexities of Hoarding Cleanup in Prairie Village, KS

One of the chief hazards that come with a hoarding situation is an unhealthy and unsafe environment. The clutter can become a fire hazard and become home to vermin and other pests. To help make your Prairie Village, KS, home safe again, contact the cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI for hoarding cleanup. It may be tempting to try and do it on your own, but hoarding cleanup can be a very complex undertaking. Learn how our professionals’ expertise will help your hoarding cleanup project succeed.

Identify and Resolve Different Hazards

As soon as we enter a hoarder’s home we’re able to trace out the hazards that are present in the house. A few of the hazards we commonly face include:

  • Fire hazards
  • Safety hazards
  • Sanitary code violations
  • Health hazards
  • Trip and fall hazards

Once these hazards have been identified, we can create an action plan for ensuring they’re resolved.

Work With the Hoarder to Ease Their Experience

Typical cleanup tasks are a simple matter of going in and cleaning. However, we understand that hoarding is a mental condition and that cleanup can lead to high anxiety for the hoarder. To make the cleanup as easy as possible, we work with the hoarder’s support network, whether that be a therapist or professional organizer, to create a timeline and action plan. This ensures the hoarder always knows what’s happening, what is being removed, and maintains control over the situation.

Competency to Manage Different Tasks

Our experienced technicians are highly trained and prepared for the challenges of any hoarding scenario. For example:

  • Fire Prevention: When they encounter fire hazards, such as a tower of newspapers near a radiator, our team will quickly remove or relocate the hazard, ensuring cleanup is safe for everyone.
  • Find Alternative Solutions: Regardless of how much you plan, unexpected issues often come up during a hoarding cleanup. Our experience and training helps us develop creative solutions for solving unexpected issues. We’ll also consult with the hoarder to ensure that they approve of our deviation from the original plan.

Additionally, a hoarder may make certain requests during the cleanup and our team will follow those requests, as appropriate. For example, the hoarder may want certain items donated or set aside for a relative.

It’s clear that hoarding cleanup is more complex than throwing out items. That’s why the experience and technical knowledge that we bring is essential for a successful cleanup. The professionals at ServiceMaster DSI will provide the compassionate, expert services that you need to help you or your loved one with hoarding cleanup in Prairie Village, KS. If you’re ready to get started, call us at (816) 527-9412 today!

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