Common Types of Mold Found in Overland Park Homes


Most of us are warned of the dangers of black mold and are aware of the health risks it poses, but what about other kinds of mold? There are hundreds of mold species that can be found growing in building interiors in a variety of environments. These common types of mold also cause a range of harmful effects on health and building structures. Fortunately, at ServiceMaster DSI, we offer mold removal services in Overland Park, KS for all of these types of mold.


Aspergillus is a kind of mold often found indoors. Besides the more benign health problems that Aspergillus poses (allergic reaction, chronic coughs, and trouble breathing), it can also be a potential cause of a condition called hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This leads to inflammation of the lungs and symptoms similar to the flu.


Aureobasidium is a pinkish to black colored mold that grows on painted, wooden, or wallpapered surfaces. This kind of mold causes allergic reactions for most people, which includes itchy eyes, coughing, headaches, and even fever.


Chaetomium grows on moisture-soaked drywall and has a characteristic musty smell. Most cellar basements have Chaetomium growing somewhere on the damp walls. This kind of mold can start to eat away at unfinished drywall and wood if not effectively remediated.


Fusarium is a tricky mold to keep at bay because it can grow at both high and low temperatures. It grows in these various environments on water-damaged fabrics like upholstery or carpets. Along with allergic reactions, Fusarium also causes asthma and dangerous respiratory infections.


Serpula lacrymans, also known as “dry rot,” is a yellow mold that eats away at wood floors, furniture, and building frames. It only needs a small amount of moisture to grow, so it can be difficult to anticipate. Like Aureobasidium, this mold causes allergic reactions. Extended exposure can lead to more harmful health problems like respiratory infections.


Our mold removal services in Overland Park, KS cover all of these kinds of mold, as well as the infamous black mold. Contact ServiceMaster DSI today for a comprehensive mold remediation plan.


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