Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Leawood, KS, Can Make All the Difference

Hoarding often becomes a complex problem due to an uncontrolled accumulation of things over a period of time. Hoarding behavior most often creates unhygienic and hazardous conditions within a Leawood, KS, home, making hoarding cleanup necessary.

ServiceMaster DSI has years of experience in hoarding cleanup and we know that whether you have a loved one who is hoarding or are a hoarder yourself, understanding the condition can help you take the next steps for recovery. Today, we’ll look at the reasons behind hoarding and how hoarding cleanup experts can help a hoarder reclaim their home.

Reasons for Hoarding Behavior

Hoarding behavior is the result of a disorder called compulsive hoarding. Sufferers of compulsive hoarding struggle to discard things, regardless of monetary or sentimental value. For example, a hoarder may accumulate newspapers that go back years with the intention of using them someday, but never following through. Hoarding typically manifests in older individuals and can be triggered by a recent or past trauma.

With time, this type of hoarding behavior results in a mass accumulation of things and causes significant clutter that fills up hoarder’s living space. This can make it difficult for the person to navigate their home, use filled rooms, or perform day-to-day activities.

What are the risks of hoarding?

There are several risks that can arise due to a hoarding problem, including:

  • Health & Safety Hazards: With the accumulation of clutter comes health and safety risks. For example, clutter that is flammable could easily ignite, causing a fire. The mass clutter would also make it difficult to escape the home in case of a fire. Homes with serious clutter are also perfect for rodents, insects, and other vermin. The urine, fecal matter, and dander from vermin can result in serious health complications for the residents.
  • Loss of Property: Often, when hoarding has become severe, local authorities will become involved. Perhaps the home has structural damage or is a fire hazard. If the situation is not remedied, the hoarder may be evicted from their home. Also, if the hoarder is engaging in extreme spending to grow their hoard, they may not be able to pay their mortgage, resulting in foreclosure.
  • Loss of Relationships: Hoarding can also result in conflict with friends and family who are concerned about the hoarder and the home’s condition. If the hoarding is not addressed, friends and family will begin to disengage with the hoarder. This leaves them with a weak emotional support network and makes recovery even more difficult.

Benefits of Hiring Hoarding Cleanup Experts

As experienced professionals, we understand that compulsive hoarding is a mental illness and treat the situation with compassion.

We also understand that cleanup is very emotional for the hoarder and work with their healthcare professional or other authorities to ensure the hoarder maintains control. Blindly throwing things out can be very traumatic for the hoarder, only making their condition more severe.

Steps for Proper Cleanup

Our hoarding cleanup experts take different steps to ensure that the home becomes livable again after the work is complete.

  • Professionals take the required steps to streamline the cleanup process. For example, we use stickers to classify items and areas. This also ensures that everyone involved is on the same page.
  • We collect salvageable items to be sold, auctioned, or donated.
  • Debris or items that are unsalvageable will be recycled or thrown out.
  • After objects and debris are removed from the home, our experts will thoroughly clean the home of any dirt, grime, or vermin excrement.

If you’re looking for a hoarding cleanup firm in Leawood, KS, contact ServiceMaster DSI.

We have years of experience and training in hoarding cleanup. We’re able to not only get the job done but we do it in a way that is sensitive to the hoarder. All you have to do is call us at (816) 527-9412 and we’ll get started.

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