Cleaning Up a Hoarder House in Leawood, KS

A common misconception about cleaning up a hoarder house is that there’s not much difference between regular cleaning and hoarder cleanup. However, the two are vastly different. Cleaning up a hoarder house takes manual labor, expertise, and access to the proper equipment. The hoarding cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI have all of this to help those in Leawood, KS, tackle cleaning up a hoarder house. Let’s look at the complexities of hoarding cleanup that sets it apart from regular residential cleaning.

Creating an Action Plan

The key to a successful cleanup is creating an action plan. Our experienced hoarding cleanup professionals answer the following questions to inform their action plan.

• Does the house have items that are of little value?
• Is the hoarder’s kitchen safe for preparing food?
• Are there dirty carpets, bathrooms, furniture, and walls?
• Is there an odor problem in the house?
• Is there a hoard of waste or recyclables in the house?
• Is accessibility limited due to clutter?
• Are fire hazards, such as stacks of newspapers or blocked exits, present?
• Is there a vermin infestation in the house?
• What’s the condition of the utilities and are they working?
• What is the home’s condition and is it structurally sound?
• Are there hazardous materials in the home?

Answering these questions help our professionals create a cleaning plan that they can share with the hoarder. This helps the hoarder to be prepared for the cleaning and ensures the process goes smoothly.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Techniques

When cleaning up a hoarder house, our technicians run into a variety of cleaning challenges from ground-in dirt to animal waste. Our professionals are trained to identify the most effective cleaning techniques for each scenario.

Presence of Animals and Insects

When cleaning up a hoarder house, it’s not unusual to find animals, animal waste, and insects. In this case, our professionals use nontoxic cleaning solutions because if vermin or insect feces come into contact with certain cleaners, toxic gases can form.

Animal Hoarding

Cases of animal hoarding are more complex than traditional hoarding. In an animal hoarding situation, our professionals will take steps to:

• Improve Air Quality in the House: It’s likely that there will be poor air quality due to the presence of particulate matter, various gases (such as methane, carbon dioxide), and different allergens carried by animals

• Remove Mold: Presence of animals, and their urine and feces will result in moist conditions that will, in turn, promote mold growth, which needs to be removed

Cleaning up a hoarder house is extremely challenging, requiring trained and experienced professionals. The technicians at ServiceMaster DSI of Leawood, KS, will provide a smooth and thorough hoarding cleanup experience. Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 to schedule your appointment today!

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