Overcoming the Challenges of Carpet Cleaning Frieze Carpets After a Natural Disaster in Kansas City, MO

Cleaning carpets after any natural disaster in Kansas City, MO, is already a challenge, but when cleaning frieze carpets, that challenge compounds. ServiceMaster DSI specializes in residential carpet cleaning, and we have the training and expertise to ensure your carpets, frieze or not, will be thoroughly cleaned without any risk of damage.

Today, we’ll look at why cleaning frieze carpets is so challenging, what procedures experts follow while cleaning them, and why it’s necessary to hire experts carpet cleaning after a disaster.


Why is cleaning frieze carpets difficult?

Cleaning frieze carpets is a challenge due to their tightly twisted fiber structure which can easily conceal debris and dirt.

Additionally, frieze carpet fibers are randomly entwined. This causes stains to disperse in a completely unpredictable manner, making it more difficult to clean these carpets properly.


Procedures professional carpet cleaners utilize for frieze carpets

Residential carpet cleaning experts are trained in the proper procedures for effective carpet cleaning, regardless of the level of damage or type of carpet. When cleaning frieze carpets in your home, we use soil extraction equipment that comes with a beater bar.

The beater bar is able to properly agitate frieze carpets to dislodge dirt and debris while the vacuum is moving over it.

One positive aspect of these carpets is that they won’t hold onto dirt in the same manner as carpets comprised with other textile materials. However, the depth they have makes it necessary for carpet cleaning technicians to utilize a beater bar.


Why hire experts for residential carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning experts have the ed experience and technical knowledge to utilize the correct procedures, equipment, and cleaning solutions when cleaning your carpets. Amateurs or do-it-yourselfers won’t just be ineffective, they may do additional damage to the carpets. Also, after a disaster, a rental carpet cleaning unit just won’t cut it.

Let’s look at few of the common mistakes amateur carpet cleaners make that we avoid.


Excessive Scrubbing

Experts understand that excessive scrubbing doesn’t help remove stains and can easily damage carpet fibers. Scrubbing can push the stains further down into the carpet.

Additionally, excessive scrubbing frays carpet fibers and causes other permanent types of damage. To avoid this problem, residential carpet cleaning professionals utilize blotting techniques and proprietary cleaning solutions to remove stubborn stains.


Oversaturation of Cleaning Products

When carpets are oversaturated with cleaning solutions, they can get damaged. Oversaturation also causes residue buildup that starts attracting more dirt.


Residential carpet cleaning after a natural disaster becomes even more complex when there are frieze carpets involved, but we’re prepared. The experts at ServiceMaster DSI utilize experience combined with intensive training to manage these complexities so your carpets are thoroughly and efficiently restored to be as clean and fresh as when they were new. Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 or fill out a service request form online for immediate assistance!


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