Causes of Flooding, Steps to Prepare for Floods and Water Removal in Overland Park, MO

Even if you live in a community where the risk of flooding is relatively low, you need to remember that it can flood wherever it rains. If you have faced flooding recently, it is necessary for you to contact a company that provides water removal in Overland Park, MO so the damage to your property and other problems, such as mold growth, can be prevented.

In this context our aim here will be to look at a few of the causes of flooding. This will help you be aware of the issues that can result from flooding, and help you take steps to be better prepared for floods.

 Causes of Flooding

Some of the causes of flooding include:

  • Spring Thaw: During the warmer days of spring, rainfall or melting snow may not be able to soak into the ground because the soil is frozen.

Every cubic foot of snow consists of several gallons of water. When snow starts melting but cannot soak into the ground, it causes rivers, streams, and lakes to overflow which can result in spring flooding.

  • Flash Floods: Flash floods are considered one of the top weather related killers in the country. The fast moving waters of a flash flood can easily uproot trees, roll boulders, carry tons of debris, and effortlessly destroy buildings.

Flash floods generally result from intense rainfall which causes quick flooding of low lying regions in just 6 hours or even less time. Flash floods can also occur due to the collapse or breach of a dam, levee, or dike.

  • New Development: New developments and construction can result in modifications to natural drainage systems which can create new flooding risks.

The reason behind this problem is that new construction, roads, parking lots, and modified acreage are reducing the amount of land available for absorbing the precipitation caused by storms and heavy rains.

 Preparing for Floods

Some of the steps you can take to prepare for floods would consist of:

  • If possible, do not construct your home in any floodplain unless it is possible to elevate as well as reinforce the house.
  • In regions with a risk of flooding, it is necessary to elevate the water heater, furnace, and the electric panel.
  • You should also install check valves which can help to prevent flood water from backing up into your house through floor drains.
  • Build barriers to stop flood waters from getting into the building. In addition, seal basement walls with a high quality waterproofing compound.

If you have experienced flooding you need to contact a company that provides water removal in Overland Park, MO so the water can be quickly extracted to prevent structural damage, mold growth, and damage to your belongings.

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