6 Reasons Why You Need Professional Help with Carpet Cleaning After a Disaster in Prairie Village, KS

Disasters like floods, fires, and storms can result in significant damage to your Prairie Village, KS home, belongings, and particularly your carpets. Carpets require special attention because, if they’re not cleaned properly, they’ll continue to harbor organisms, release smoke odors, or facilitate mold growth. To avoid these problems, contact the carpet cleaning pros at ServiceMaster DSI. But why do you need professional help? Why can’t you just do it yourself? Let’s look at why it’s so important to hire professionals for carpet cleaning.

Why hire a professional team for carpet cleaning after a disaster?

#1: Correct Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Experts utilize their experience and training to determine the best ways to clean your damaged carpets. For example, they’re aware that vacuuming the carpets before performing deep cleaning helps give you the best results.

Similarly, if the carpet is bulging or wavy, they employ other procedures such as stretching the carpet and the amount of tension needed to achieve the desired results without damaging the carpet.

#2: Professional Help Required for Your Insurance

If your carpets are insured, it’s likely your policy requires them to be professionally cleaned after a disaster. If you try to remove a stain or fix a burn yourself, you may void your policy.

#3: Can Treat a Range of Problems

Disasters can leave your carpets struggling with a variety of issues. For example, a fire can leave smoke damage while flooding can lead to mold growth. Only professional firms have the expertise required to manage all of these problems correctly and efficiently.

#4: Meet Specific Requirements

Our experts have the ability to meet any and all specific requirements you may have. For instance, you may require pet safe carpet cleaning or hypo-allergenic residential carpet cleaning when someone in the family has allergies. Also, different types of carpets respond to damage differently and require different cleaning techniques. We are able to determine the best way to clean any carpet type, from synthetic to natural.

#5: Fully Insured

Professional carpet cleaners have the required insurance coverage to ensure you don’t have to worry about accidents that may take place even after necessary precautions are taken.

#6: Access to High-Grade Equipment and Products

By hiring a professional team for carpet cleaning you’ll feel assured the firm has the needed equipment and products to carry out the work in the right manner. For instance, professional firms have access to advanced equipment like:

  • Dirt extraction and agitation equipment
  • High-power drying devices
  • Cleaning chemicals that are Carpet and Rug Institute certified

As you can see, professional help is essential for carpet cleaning after a disaster. The carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster DSI will ensure your carpets are restored quickly and effectively. If your Prairie Village, KS, home is affected by a disaster, give us a call immediately at (816) 527-9412.

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  1. Disasters come unannounced. We have to ready with our precautionary steps to ensure that our expensive carpets do not get degraded. However, if your insurance policy covers it, you may not require to call a professional, but if you don’t then please do the necessary.

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