Are Companies Providing Carpet Cleaning in Olathe, KS Really To Be Blamed for Pile Reversal?

If your carpets are looking worn and dirty, you should hire a firm for carpet cleaning in Olathe, KS to maintain them in their best possible condition and reduce the amount of wear your carpets have to endure. A problem that is often (and incorrectly) associated with professional carpet cleaning is pile reversal. What is pile reversal, and are carpet cleaners really responsible for this problem?

Pile Reversal

In the case of walltowall carpets installed over a large area, sometimes a peculiar phenomenon occurs known as pile reversal. It is also referred to as pooling, puddling, or watermarking.

In pile reversal, cut pile carpets acquire areas of different shades, making some sections of the carpet appear lighter while other sections appear darker in comparison to the surrounding pile. Oftentimes, you may find a large section that looks like it is wet. As the occurrence of pile reversal is completely random and unpredictable, it is impossible to foresee when pile reversal may appear.

Are carpet cleaners to be blamed for this problem?

The cause for the odd appearance is the reversal or change in direction of the pile which causes reflection of light from the carpet in a different manner. How or why this happens is largely unknown, but carpet cleaners often get the blame since this problem surfaces soon after carpets are cleaned with the help of an extraction technique.

Other issues considered to be pile reversal

Many times, changes in the appearance of a carpet is blamed on pile reversal when actually the problem is something else, such as:

  • Tracking: A common problem is tracking which refers to the crushing or flattening of carpet fibers. Tracking most often occurs in walkways that endure heavy foot traffic which causes greater wear and tear to the carpet. Tracking tends to disappear when extraction methods are used, while pile reversal appears after extraction.
  • Foot printing: Foot printing, or foot marking, takes place if any object is dragged on a regular basis over your carpet, or if continuous footfalls occur over any particular location. Foot printing tends to be localized and the problem can be solved by vacuuming the section of the carpet in different directions.

Is there a solution to pile reversal?

Generally, pile reversal is a permanent problem, but re-cleaning the section (if the problem is noticed immediately after performing extraction) using an extractor can help in minimizing how noticeable it is.

In addition, raking the affected location and frequent vacuuming can help make pile reversal less noticeable.

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