Hiring Experts for Carpet Cleaning in Parkville, MO is Always Wise

It’s inevitable that carpets will get dirty and require proper carpet cleaning. By hiring an experienced firm in Parkville, MO, such as ServiceMaster DSI, you’ll ensure the cleaning is effective and thorough. Let’s look at some instances where experience becomes quite valuable for proper carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning and the Value of Experience

#1: Understand the Actual Problem – Abraded Carpet Fibers

Often, sandy soil tracked onto your carpeting will result in the abrading of the sides of the carpet fibers. This will scatter the light falling upon those sections and make them appear dull and dirty, even when the abraded sections are actually quite clean.

You may feel that the carpet looks soiled and call carpet cleaning professionals to fix the problem.

Our experienced professionals will closely examine the carpet to understand whether it’s actually soiled or if the carpet only looks soiled because of the abrading of carpet fibers.

If this is the case, instead of performing the usual cleaning, we’ll apply a dye to properly conceal the abraded fibers.

Our experienced cleaning professionals can save you money in a situation such as this. By determining the usual carpet cleaning process isn’t required (because cleaning will not provide any results) and dying the affected area, we can help extend the life of the carpet and prevent costly premature replacement.

#2: Achieve the Right Balance – Proper Soil Removal

Professional carpet cleaners take the necessary steps to achieve the proper balance between the amount of cleaning products they use and the degree of cleaning that is achieved.

If the use of cleaning products such as detergents, pre-cleaning agents, hot solutions, and builders is increased, it will help to improve the amount of soil that can be removed. Overuse of these cleaning products, however, can create other problems. Let’s look at an example to clearly understand the problems that can arise.

For instance, if the temperature is raised or a builder is added, it can result in a higher degree of dye bleeding as well as color changes in comparison to what would happen if a cold cleaning method is used and/or a builder isn’t used.

Residential carpet care experts utilize their experience to employ the right temperature and builders to reduce the chances of dye bleeding or color changes.

Similarly, the thorough understanding of cleaning procedures helps experts avoid using large amounts of cleaning solutions since they know such overuse can result in overwetting. Overwetting can, in turn, cause other problems like browning, shrinkage, and mildew.

The above situations clearly highlight the importance of hiring experts for carpet cleaning. ServiceMaster DSI has years of experience plus the necessary certification and advanced equipment to effectively clean the carpeting in your Parkville, MO home. All you have to do is give us a call at (816) 527-9412. We’ll come to your home in Parkville, MO, thoroughly analyze your carpeting, determine the optimum cleaning and/or restoration methods required, and provide you with the best services available!

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