Performing Carpet Cleaning after a Disaster in Parkville, MO

A natural disaster such as a flood or storm can leave behind different types of debris resulting in carpet stains. These stains can be nearly impossible to remove without the help of the professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO. When it comes to performing successful carpet cleaning, nothing is more valuable to our technicians than their experience and training. Today, we’re going to look into the complexities of carpet cleaning after a disaster and how our technicians successfully restore your carpets.

Complexities of Carpet Cleaning and the Value of Experience

It’s easier to remove stains or spots when their origins and the type of carpet fibers can be determined. Different stains and carpet types require specific cleaning products and techniques. Using the wrong technique or cleaning solution can actually result in more damage.

That’s why after a disaster, our professional carpet cleaners will perform an examination of your home to determine the best cleaning methods for the affected areas.

Nylon Carpets

For example, nylon is well known for its cleanability, but it also attracts acidic substances and is easily stained when it comes into contact with dyes.

Our experts are able to identify the carpeting type and stains and can determine the appropriate cleaning method to treat them.

Olefin Carpets

On the opposite end we have olefin carpets, which reject acid dyes but attracts oil. This makes debris such as tar or grease particularly damaging to these and polyester carpets.

Knowing these differences, our carpet cleaning technicians are able to achieve the maximum results from their efforts.

The Difference Between Spots and Stains

Many people believe that spots and stains are the same thing, but experts know that’s not actually true.

Spots appear on outside of carpet fibers while stains are on the inside. A less experienced technician may treat the spot but fail to remove the stain.

Our experienced professionals are thoroughly trained to treat both spots and stains to ensure your carpets show no signs of damage.

Synthetic and Organic Stains

Another challenge our residential carpet cleaners face is determining if stains are synthetic or organic.

Our experts are trained in identifying the differences. For example, organic stains are usually brown, can be sticky, and appear dull while synthetic stains are typically shiny. Organic and synthetic stains require different cleaning techniques. Choosing the wrong technique can result in permanent damage.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Method

Required training, certification, and experience help our experts select the right cleaning method based on the type of stain and carpeting. For example:

  • Professionals select a dry solvent spotter for cleaning petroleum-based stains
  • Synthetic stains best respond to reducing agents
  • Oxidizing agents are most effective for organic or natural stains

Of all the tools and products our carpet cleaning technicians use, experience is still the most important tool in their possession. If your carpets have been damaged by a natural disaster, count on the experts at ServiceMaster DSI in Parkville, MO. We understand that disasters don’t strike on your schedule, so we’re available 24/7/365. Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance.

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