Trauma Cleanup – How Experts Remove Bodily Fluids From Your Olathe, KS Home

A traumatic event can leave your family shocked and overwhelmed. You may not know what to do next. Don’t try to take on everything yourself, and call the experienced trauma cleanup experts at ServiceMaster DSI of Olathe, KS. Our team will treat the situation with due sensitivity and ensure that your home is effectively cleaned.

You may be tempted to perform cleanup yourself but not only would it be unnecessarily stressful, DIY cleanup would be extremely hazardous. After a traumatic event, such as a suicide or homicide, bodily fluids can be released, creating a biohazard for those who come in contact.

Let’s take a look at how our experts ensure safe, effective removal of body fluids from your home.

Cleaning Smooth Surfaces

Step #1: Cleaning Up Bodily Fluids

First, our trauma cleanup technicians wear special protective gear to prevent exposure to biohazardous fluids. This includes body suites, industrial strength gloves, and breathing apparatuses. Next, they cover the contaminated area with paper towels to help soak up and remove excess fluids.

Once excess fluids are removed, our technicians use a cleaning solution to disinfect the surface and clean any remaining fluids. This solution typically consists of diluted bleach.

Once the solution is applied, it needs to dwell, allowing sufficient time to clean the surface. After the solution has been able to dwell, the entire area is wiped down, removing the solution and any fluid residue.

Step #2: Disposal of Waste

When it comes to bodily fluids, proper disposal is essential to prevent contamination. Our technicians dispose of contaminated materials in special leak-proof bags that can be completely sealed. After the waste is gathered, it’s properly disposed of.

Cleaning Carpets and Rugs

Cleaning up contaminated carpets and rugs can be more difficult than smooth surfaces. To ensure fabrics are effectively cleaned, our experts:

  • Wear proper protective gear to prevent contact with hazardous fluids.
  • Cover the affected area with paper towels to soak up excess fluids.
  • Utilize detergent based disinfectants and stream cleaning to thoroughly clean the area

Cleaning a trauma scene isn’t just stressful, it’s dangerous without the proper training, cleaners, and protection. To ensure your home is safely and effectively cleaned, trust the experts at ServiceMaster DSI.

Just give us a call at (816) 527-9412 and our technicians will reach your home in Olathe, KS, and begin cleanup right away so you can begin to recover.

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