How Biohazard Cleanup Professionals Make Your Overland Park, KS Home Safe Again

Biohazard cleanup is extremely complex compared to other types of restoration like water damage cleanup. It comes with unique risks like exposure to bloodborne pathogens which can cause serious illness. By hiring the biohazard cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI of Overland Park, KS, you have the assurance that your space will be restored, and you can stay safe.

In the following sections we will look at how our experts utilize their experience to take the right steps and carry out this task properly.


Thorough Inspection

Biohazard cleanup technicians thoroughly examine the location so cleanup can be performed in the right manner.

For instance, upon arrival, they check to determine if blood has soaked into subfloors. If it has, our experts perform disinfection as well as decontamination of all the subfloors to make sure the blood doesn’t spread diseases in those subfloors.


Proper Containment

After any trauma incident that involves blood or bodily fluids, it’s likely that the contamination will spread to other parts of the room. As such, our experts take active steps to prevent the spread of contamination.

To set up proper containment, our technicians utilize materials that includes plastic sheets, paper towels, garbage bags, and paper sacks.


Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Biohazard cleanup experts use appropriate personal protective equipment to protect themselves from pathogens and substances that may be encountered at the site as well as the disinfectants and cleaning products used during cleanup.

Some cleaning products are in the form of strong oxidizers, and by wearing personal protective equipment, cleanup technicians are able to thwart the risk of problems such cleaning products can cause.

In addition, personal protective equipment also helps in reducing the likelihood of contamination spreading to other locations. Some of the protective equipment our experts use consists of:

  • Splash suits that have boot covers and hoods
  • Boots equipped with steel shanks/toe protectors
  • Gloves with extended cuffs and resistance to punctures
  • Protection gear for face and eyes


Use of Right Disinfectants

Biohazard cleanup experts utilize their experience and technical knowledge to choose the right disinfectants like sterilants, tuberculocidal disinfectants, bleach solutions, and suitable coagulants so disinfection and decontamination can be carried out properly.


Selection of Containers

Biohazard cleanup professionals ensure that suitable containers are used for the disposing of regulated wastes. A few of the important details they keep note of are:

  • Containers selected to fully close to stop spills or protrusion of biohazard wastes
  • Containers that don’t leak during storage or transportation
  • Containers with proper labeling or color coding that adheres to statutory requirements


There are many aspects to be looked into during biohazard cleanup, and technicians need to have the best training and experience available to perform this work in the right manner. ServiceMaster DSI has a team of experts with the experience and training to conduct this critical task as required. If your home or business in Overland Park, KS is in need of biohazard cleanup, contact us immediately at (816) 527-9412 or fill out a service request form online.

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