How to Avoid Scammers While Searching for a Storm Damage Cleanup Firm in Parkville, MO

If your home has suffered storm damage, you may not know where to turn. Professional firms such as ServiceMaster DSI are here to help you restore your home with storm damage cleanup services.

Choosing the right storm damage cleanup specialists can be difficult. You want to restore your Parkville, MO, home quickly, but you don’t want to be scammed by a fraudulent company. ServiceMaster DSI wants to help you choose the right storm damage cleanup firm for you and avoid scammers. Check out our tips below.

Things to Do

  • Check Their Credentials: Before hiring anyone, check and verify their credentials. Oftentimes, fraudulent or unreliable firms won’t be able to produce the proper credentials or there will be missing pieces.
  • Ask for a Written Contract: Whenever you’re having work done to your home, it’s important to get it in writing. Having a written contract for your storm damage cleanup will hold the company legally accountable for the work and protect you. Beyond having a contract, make sure to get a copy before making payments. If a company takes issue with this, it’s a big sign to walk away.
  • Get Completion Certificate: Before providing the final payment check that the storm damage cleanup work is finished as dictated in the contract. Also, make sure you receive a completion certificate from the restorers.
  • Verify Insurance: Get the firm’s certificate of insurance directly from their insurance company rather than the firm. This gives you the assurance that you’ve got the right certificate instead of some counterfeit.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

You will know something is not right when:

  • The storm damage cleanup company starts pressuring you to sign their contract immediately.
  • The company is ready to provide a discounted price if you refer them to others, under the condition that they begin work that day.
  • The company requires a full, upfront payment or cash payment.
  • When asked how they’re able to offer reduced pricing, the company says they had excess materials from a previous job.
  • You’re told that the company is endorsed by FEMA. FEMA never certifies or endorses contractors.

When you’re faced with storm damage cleanup, you’re under pressure to find a reliable firm quickly. Fraudsters know this and try to take advantage of your vulnerable position. It’s important to protect yourself by verifying the validity of any company you work with. ServiceMaster DSI can provide you with the proper documentation and will never pressure you to sign a contract. We’re here to help you recover from storm damage and want you to feel as comfortable as possible. You don’t have to wait for disaster to strike before thinking about storm damage cleanup in Parkville, MO. Learn more about our storm damage cleanup services by contacting us today at (816) 527-9412.

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