How to Avoid Incorrect Carpet Cleaning Procedures and Solve Problems Associated With Cleaning Frieze Carpets in Prairie Village, KS

It is necessary to keep your carpets clean, both to extend their lifespan and to prevent future health problems due to the germs and dirt that carpets can harbor. Dirty carpets also look unsightly and may result in bad odors lingering in your house. It’s for these reasons that you need to invest in professional carpet care on a regular basis so that the carpets in your home in Prairie Village, KS, can be maintained in the best possible manner.

With this in mind, today we will look at why it is difficult to clean frieze carpets and some tips to help overcome these difficulties. We will also go through some harmful carpet cleaning steps that can easily damage your carpets and which should be avoided.

Why is it difficult to clean frieze carpets?

The main reason is that the fiber structures of these carpets, which consist of long tightly twisted fibers, are able to conceal dirt and debris.

Additionally, liquid or food stains tend to spread out in a very unpredictable manner because of the random array of the fibers. Due to these reasons, it is often difficult to properly clean such carpets.

Is there a solution?

Professional carpet cleaners can solve this problem by using soil extraction units equipped with beater bars. The function of this beater bar is to agitate the carpet while the vacuum moves over it.

The good thing about frieze carpets is that they do not hold dirt as other textiles do, but since the fibers are very deep, it is necessary to use a beater bar.

What are some of the carpet care procedures that can actually damage your carpets?

Vigorous Scrubbing

Carpet fibers can become damaged with vigorous scrubbing. Such scrubbing is not an effective way to get rid of stains, and in addition, this type of scrubbing may push those stains even deeper into your carpet.

Moreover, carpet fibers get untwisted and frayed as a result of vigorous scrubbing. A much safer carpet cleaning option is to utilize a blotting action to get rid of those stubborn stains.

Allowing Spills to Dry

If you allow any spill to dry, the carpet fibers will soak in the liquid and eventually the carpet padding will absorb it.

This may result in wicking when attempts are made to get rid of the spot, which could cause odors and even result in mold growth.

Over-Saturating Carpets With Cleaning Solutions

Using extra carpet cleaning solutions is not going to result in cleaner carpets. On the contrary, over-saturating the carpet with cleaning solution may damage it and cause a significant buildup of residue, which in turn could attract dirt.

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