Avoid Being Left Out in the Cold: Temporary Power Sources and Generators in Kansas City

ServiceMaster DSI provides generators to homes and businesses in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

When ice and snow storms hit your community and cause power outages, there’s a much greater danger of long-term damage compared to gentler summer storms. When you own a business, you don’t just have to worry about yourself, but all of your assets as well. Will your stock be okay in freezing conditions? Will your building remain secure without electricity? Don’t be left without power this winter. Calling ServiceMaster DSI for temporary power services in Kansas City, MO can save your business from weather crises and you from pulling your hair out in frustration.


If your power goes out in freezing temperatures, it can cause a number of costly and dangerous problems. It’s never a good idea to leave your business without power for a prolonged period in the winter, but lack of heat, water, and electricity may begin as inconveniences, but cause major damage in the long run. Prevent these side effects of power outages by calling ServiceMaster DSI in Kansas City, MO for temporary power, including generators, heaters, and more.


Roof Damage is one problem posed by winter power outages, especially in heavy snow or icefall. Snow can’t melt off the roofs of unheated buildings. Instead it collects on your roof, gets heavier and heavier, and can cause a range of damage, from bowing rafters to roof collapse. Temporary power can keep this type of damage from happening by supplying the necessary heat to your commercial facility.


Burst Pipes is a common problem in the winter and can be increased tenfold when your heat is shut off. Burst pipes are a result of the water in the plumbing freezing and expanding. The split pipes need to be replaced completely in most cases. Continued power keeps your pipes heated and water flowing through them, making it unable to freeze, and preventing water damage.


Ice Dams on your roof can also cause a number of problems. When your gutters are plugged with ice, any water trying to go through won’t be able to escape and will likely seep into your walls and roof causing water damage almost anywhere in our building.


All of these dangerous and pricey problems caused by prolonged power outages in freezing temperatures can be easily avoided. By contacting ServiceMaster DSI, we can provide a temporary fix with our emergency power services in Kansas City, MO. From homes to corporations and everything in-between, we’ve been helping Kansas City, North Kansas City, and St, Joseph, MO, and Overland Park, KS with disaster restoration services for over 25 years.

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